Kill the Prop Bets Game: Best NFL Prop Bets

June 7, 2016
Best NFL Prop Bets

Updated: June 10, 2024

NFL Prop bets or proposition bets are gaining popularity because of the high payoff that bettors get when they win.

  • Unlike other types of bets, prop bets revolve around different specific statistics in an NFL game.
  • These bets don’t rely on the possible final results of a game as much as other football wagers do.

These bets attract casual bettors as well as experienced ones because of the simple mechanics behind them. With the variety of conditions bettors can place bets on, people don’t easily lose interest in this kind of wager.

For beginners, prop betting can be a bit overwhelming. With all of the various statistics and outcomes you can wager on, it can get confusing at times.

To shed some light for beginners, here are some of the best NFL prop bets you can place a wager on.

5 Best NFL Prop Bets to Try

1. Which Team Will Score First?

This is a popular prop bet because it is a simple bet. Since there are only two possible outcomes, you have a 50/50 chance of winning.

2. Will the First Score be a TD or a Field Goal or by the defensive/special team?

This is a popular prop bet because it only relies on the first score in the game. The likelihood of it being a TD by the offense is greater than a TD by the defense or special team.

This is an exciting bet and will most likely keep you at the edge of your seat during the game.

3. Who will score the first TD for a team?

This prop bet revolves around each of the players of both teams. You can place a bet on players from both teams. Betting on a defensive player has a high risk but if you get it right, you’ll get a handsome payoff.

4. Coin Toss Outcome

This is an outcome that happens at the very beginning of the game. Wagers can be placed on correctly predicting the result of the coin toss, or if the team who chose the result of the toss is correct. It is supposed to be just a coin toss but there are a lot of prop bets surrounding it.

5. Total Points of a Team

This prop bet revolves around the final score of either of the teams. Bettors can try and predict if their team goes over or under a certain number of points.

These are just a few prop bets that use the numbers of the game to generate wagers. Although there are “odd” prop bets online, most of these are not allowed in most sportsbooks.

These “odd” prop bets include how long the National Anthem was sung or performed, the color of the sports drink used in the traditional soaking of the winning coach, or even the number of times a particular player uses a signature celebratory move.

Prop betting can be seen as a simple yet risky kind of wager. There are so many odds you can play around with but they are easy to understand. No wonder prop betting just keeps getting more popular among bettors.

What are NFL Prop bets?

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