Where to find the Best Prop Betting Sites

Adam Hoover
November 2, 2021
Best Prop Betting Sites 2021

Updated: December 6, 2022

If you want to win some major money when you are betting, then you are going to need to start making the most of those riskier bets. Among the riskiest of standard bets that you can place will be a prop bet, or a proposition bet as they are in some cases called.

5 Best Prop Betting Sites

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So, what is a prop wager?

Where can you make a prop bet online? Everything will be covered right here.

What is a prop bet?

As we stated, you might in some cases see these called “proposition bets”“. In reality, as you have actually probably thought, prop is just short for proposition. In specific countries, you may even find these referred to as side bets.

So, what are they?

Well, it is any bet on a game that does not involve the final score (we will give you some examples soon).

So, if you look through a list of bets at any sportsbook and the important things that you are betting on what the final result in between the two teams will be, then you will have a prop bet.

There is the prospective to have countless different prop bets offered for a single sports match. This suggests that if you start to seriously enter your prop bets, you might wish to be registered for several sportsbooks.

This way, you will constantly be able to make the most of a plethora of different bets.

What is a prop bet example?

As we said, there are thousands of prospective prop bets that you can make.

We have actually seen some pretty insane ones for many years.

For example, we have actually seen sportsbooks that have allowed you to bet on how long a National Anthem would last when sung at the start of the NFL game.

Others have talked about whether somebody in the crowd will be caught on video camera doing something.

We won't talk about those weirder and whackier prop bets here, though. Rather, we are going to have a look at the types that you are likely going to come across the most.
  • In basketball, you might bet on the variety of 3-pointers scored in the game.
  • In the NFL, you might gamble on the first player to touch down, or the number of passing yards for one of the players.
  • In soccer, you might gamble on the number of cards being revealed to the teams, or perhaps the time of the first goal.

Truthfully, to get a couple of examples of prop bets, it may deserve inspecting a list out yourself. If you head to any of the best prop wagering sites that we list listed below and click a video game, you should get a relatively good concept regarding what a prop bet is.

Keep in mind; if it doesn't depend upon the final score, then it is a prop wager!

Who are prop bets for?

Prop bets are for those that don't really mind taking a risk when they are betting.

The important things with prop bets is that they can become terribly hard to predict. You might perform a lots of research into prop bets. Nevertheless, much of them (e.g. very first goalscorer, and so on) will still rely greatly on luck.

Naturally, this is gambling. When there is a danger, there is cash to be made. This implies that those that are serious about their gambling will ultimately wish to check out prop bets.

Are prop bets legal?


A prop bet is simply another kind of bet. If betting is legal where you are, then prop bets are likewise going to be legal where you are.

Can you parlay a prop wager?

Yes! Well, it depends on the sportsbook.

We have actually seen some sportsbooks that do not permit you to add any props to a parlay. This is likely because including a ton of props to a parlay and winning would result in the sportsbook needing to make some hefty payouts.

For the a lot of part, sportsbooks will allow you to parlay prop bets.

It is, nevertheless, worth noting that there are some sportsbooks that will only enable you to combine props into a parlay if it happens in the exact same game. So, you will not be able to select props from multiple games and put them into a single parlay.

Some sportsbooks will even have ready-made prop parlays offered. These can be a fantastic option if you are new to the world of prop and parlay bets.

What makes a prop wagering site excellent?

We aren't going to bore you by telling you everything that makes a sportsbook great.

We simply wish to concentrate on what makes a website for prop betting excellent.

If you decide to skip to the next section, we will in fact share our suggestions for the leading 5 prop betting sportsbooks.

In the meantime, however, let's give you a summary of how we picked them.

Plenty of sports to choose from

Clearly, you desire an excellent selection of sports offered. The more sports that you have the capability to choose from, the more prop wager choices that you will have.

We likewise suggest that you take note of the leagues readily available too. Again, simply to offer you a bit more prop wagering choices.

Lots of prop bets for games

There are some sportsbooks that may have a number of prop bets available for games which is it.

This simply won't do. When you are gambling on sports, you wish to make sure that you have the most prop bets available.

For the greatest games, you desire there to be at least a lots approximately prop bets to select from. When you have lots of alternatives, you understand that the sportsbook is major about prop betting.

Live prop betting alternatives

Many prop bets are positioned before a game starts. Nevertheless, in our experience, you will often discover that the very best wagering odds happen during the game.

Now, not all prop bets are going to be readily available for live wagering.

However, you desire there to be a minimum of a small amount of option when the NFL game has started. It makes things a bit more exciting.

Ability to parlay your prop bets

We already covered this a little bit prior to. A great sportsbook is one that allows you to parlay your prop bets. Even if you are not interested in parlays at the moment, there is no informing whether you will remain in the future.

This means that you will wish to select the ideal sportsbook at the start.

Great betting odds

Finally, you desire wonderful betting chances.

Prop bets are naturally going to have greater chances than your basic bet due to the amount of threat included. Nevertheless, it is still worth signing up for numerous ones from the very best prop betting websites.

That way, you are always going to have access to the best chances.

The Best Prop Betting Sites

Now is the part that you have been awaiting.

This is where we talk about the best prop wagering websites around.

We have 5 here for you.

We understand these are the best since we have spent a ton of time in fact examining many sites. So, if you want a prop wagering website, any one on this list will do fine. In truth, we reckon that you may wish to get signed up for a couple of these.

In this manner you can enjoy the very best wagering odds and prop bet selections.

This area is going to, hopefully, answer the concern “Where can I make a prop bet online?”


If you are looking for prop bets, especially NFL prop bets, then you are probably going to wish to be taking a look at MyBookie sportsbook.

This is a sportsbook that covers practically every professional sport you can possibly imagine. It even take advantage of the lower leagues.

This indicates that you always have a wealth of different prop bets that you can select from.

If you are a fan of live wagering, then you will likewise be pleased to understand that MyBookie does not skimp when it pertains to live betting either. You have lots of prop bets available, even for the tiniest of games.

Where MyBookie really shines, however, will be the regular chances improves that they provide for prop bets. This indicates that you can squeeze a little bit more out of your winning bets.


As you can picture, all of the sportsbooks that we recommend here are going to have a wealth of prop bets available. That is guaranteed. BetOnline.ag is the only site to have a dedicated props classification, however.

Right there on the BetOnline.ag main page, there is a category for both player and game props. If you click that, you have a rather convenient UI where you can search some of the leading prop bets on the site.

It will just reveal you the top leagues, though. if you wish to see all of the leagues on BetOnline.ag, and there are a lot of them, then you will have to search for the props yourself.

One of the cool features of this UI is that you can even create parlays from it. In truth, BetOnline.ag will even recommend a parlay or two that you can benefit from.


Bovada isn't presently available all over.

However, they do appear to be rolling out their site at a quick rate.

If you have the ability to head to Bovada, then you will be pleased to understand that it has among the most eclectic selections of prop bets. Thousands and thousands of them. This implies that we doubt that you will have any issue discovering a prop bet that captures your attention.

Bovada has plenty of various bonus offers readily available, and all of them can be utilized for prop bets. In reality, there are some perks that appear every now and then which can only ever be utilized for those that wish to create some props.

Bovada has a good variety of withdrawal and deposit choices too, which can be helpful for those that have somewhat more unique requirements on that front.


Sportsbetting.ag may not be the easiest site on the planet to browse, however do not let that put you off. It has a lots of prop bets offered.

One of the remarkable features of Sportsbetting.ag is that it is one of the only sportsbooks out there that uses props on futures. For example, you can bet on the next manager for a team.

The primary focus for this sportsbook is going to be soccer. They have thousands of prop bets open for soccer markets at any one time. However, if you are a fan of any big league, including NBA and NFL, then you will not be lost here.


Love your NFL props?

Excellent! the Xbet sportsbook is where you require to be.

This is a sportsbook that is so happy with the prop bets for NFL games that it has, there is a separate area for them. We have really seen NFL prop bets appear here that we haven't seen anywhere else online.

So, if you frequently see football, you will discover something that tickles your fancy here.

Xbet.ag doesn't have the biggest choice of sports, but in some cases that is a good thing. It suggests that you can typically take pleasure in far much better chances and markets due to the narrower focus.


Once you are severe about gambling, you may want to think about prop bets. Nevertheless, do bear in mind that while the majority of sportsbooks will provide prop bets, not all of them will offer a great selection.

Adhere to the websites on this page, and you will constantly discover the bets that you wish to make.


Where to discover the very best NBA prop bets tonight?

BetOnline.ag and Bovada provide a few of the best selections of prop bets. This consists of live gambling, just in case the NBA game that you want to bet on has actually already started.

Where to discover the very best NFL prop bets tonight?

XBet.ag is among the best sportsbooks for those that want to gamble on the NFL. They have both group and player props readily available, each in their own category.

Where can I parlay prop bets?

BetOnline.ag is among the very best sportsbooks for parlay prop bets. This is since they have a bunch of readymade parlay games offered. However, other sites like Xbet.ag can also be a good option.

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