What are NFL Prop bets? – Explained

Proposition bets, or just “prop bets” as they’re almost universally known, are bets made before a game or games, usually some kind of sport, about whether or not something will happen.

Will this guy win? Will this guy not win?

The only restrictions on NFL Prop bets are the wording of the bet itself, and what the ruling body (such as a league) will accept, and most leagues are all too happy to have people put money down on their games.

NFL Prop bets are as diverse as the people who make them.

Bets are made on things as simple as a coin flip at the beginning of the match.

As complex as the team composition of a major game.

Bets are made on specific players. Like whether they’ll score. How much ground they’ll clear. What nationality will ultimately perform the best.

These bets are preceded by endless waves of discussion on the Internet and elsewhere.

Bets are made with increasing frequency as the game approaches and more of the “chips” are down.

NFL Prop bets – Moneylines

What are NFL Prop bets?

The most important aspect of a prop bet is its moneyline.

The amount that you stand to make if you take a risk and win.

The exact math can be a little confusing at first: a +200 moneyline means that it’d take a bet of $100 to make a profit of $200 (or $300 in total), whereas a -200 moneyline means that it’d take a bet of $200 to make a profit of $100.

Moneylines are almost always relevant to the $100 bet mark. This is  the most important thing to keep in mind.

Of course, no form of gambling – even the most interesting, legal and fun – is complete without estimates of the odds. For prop bets, these are available wherever the bets themselves can be found.

If a bet is “13-5”, that means the chances of the bet being won are more than twice as much as the bet being lost.

It probably also means that there’s not a lot of profit to be had, but who knows?.

There are some really great prop bets out there and a good place to start is these top online sportsbooks we receommend that all offer a great variety of prop bets for you.

Top Sportsbooks for your Prop Betting


Easy Access to all Punters

NFL prop bets are some of the most ubiquitous, and constantly-ongoing, prop bets out there.

There are all sorts of bets that one can make, when it comes to major league sports like the NFL.

However prop bets provide a very wide variety of potential bets, and often with very low limits. This makes them perfect for the recreational gamer all the way up to the fiercest cardsharp with the most money to burn.

NFL prop bets, like with any major league, are often opened early. Usually this is a specific subset of bets, including super-bowl-prop-betthe “recreational” bets like what advertisements will feature in a game.

But often, it also includes the most popular bets at the moment, the ones people are chomping at the bit to throw money into.

For the 2019 Regular Season, for example, draft prop bets are (or were) opened very early.

Player Prop Bets

NFL player prop bets are particularly competitive. Referred to as “NFL player prop bets”, for good reason: they’re betting on the cold, hard logistics of what team will pick what player from the pool that’s available to them.

If this sounds brutal, remember that stardom isn’t easy… and that some players might be proud to have money on them.

Rookies, for example, are often the subject of draft bets – high-paying ones, with impressive odds.

On the other side of the field, lots of people bet on legendary shoe-ins, either looking to make some easy money or test their guts and the odds.

Super Bowl Prop Bets

On the other hand, the Super Bowl is notable for having the largest and most profitable assortment of prop bets in North America, and potentially in the world.

A Super Bowl prop bets list is much easier to find when the Superbowl is imminent, but lists for the closest Super Bowl’s (both past and present) can often be found on sports news sites and they can always be found on prop bet aggregators, such as Odds Shark.

This article may not totally prepare you for the wide world of NFL prop betting.

In fact, if you’re interested, it’s highly recommended you study the history of prop betting at least a little bit first: what bets have won and lost in the past, and what bets are going on now, with what kind of odds.

Hindsight is 20/20, so use the hindsight of everyone who’s won and lost before you.

Keep all that in mind, and you’re probably good to “sweeten the pot”, for yourself and everyone else.