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Kill the Prop Bets Game: Best NFL Prop Bets

NFL Prop bets or proposition bets are gaining popularity because of the high payoff that bettors get when they win. Unlike other types of bets, prop bets revolve around different specific statistics in an NFL game. These bets don’t rely on the possible final results…

Vegas NFL Player Prop Bets for your Fantasy League

Vegas NFL player prop bets are fun and provide sportsbooks and bettors extra income during the regular season and play-offs. More importantly, they play a major role when it comes to a well-loved football activity. Fantasy football is a popular hobby wherein participants build their…

Analyzing the odds on a Super Bowl Prop bets list

Proposition bets or prop bets make the Super Bowl even more exciting and more profitable than it already is. They provide an opportunity for serious gamblers and casual fans to wager not only on the final score of the game, but also on a wide…