A Glimpse at the Super Bowl Prop bet sheet

June 15, 2016

Updated: March 11, 2023

Super Bowl Prop Bet Sheet
The Super Bowl isn’t complete without some good old-fashioned sports gambling. What makes the Super Bowl extra fun—and extra profitable—are the Super Bowl Prop bet sheet or the side bets. One can wager on these bets and they are not dependent on the final score of the game. These are bets within the game. Some of the most traditional prop bets in the NFL include the length of the national anthem. The result of the coin toss, who will score the first touchdown, and the color of the Gatorade that will be dumped. You can find these on the Super Bowl prop bet sheet.

Bovada’s Super Bowl Prop Bet Sheet numbers 70

These along with numerous other prop bets are listed on what is called a Super Bowl Prop Bet Sheet. Bettors can go directly to Westgate Resort and Casino in Las Vegas to make their prop bets. Westgate releases nearly 400 prop bets people can wager on. There is another method which is more accessible because it happens online. Bovada is a sports gambling website and every year, they release a prop bet sheet containing almost 70 prop bets.

A Glimpse at the Super Bowl Prop bet sheet 1

Player-specific Prop Bets

Super Bowl 50, wherein the Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers, marked a record year. Sportsbooks took in an estimated $132.5 million, the largest sum in Super Bowl history. A good percentage of this would have been from prop bets as it proves to be a popular choice among bettors. One of the most popular categories of these prop bets are those that are player-specific. Bettors have an advantage when it comes to these kinds of prop bets. This is because they can predict the outcome by analyzing a player’s past record and reputation. For instance, there is a category called “Player Touchdowns,”. Below this, the names of the starting players from each team are listed. The bettor would encircle whether he thinks a certain player will go over or under a given amount of touchdowns.

There are even more specific player-related prop bets. For instance, at Super Bowl 50, there was a prop bet called “Will Peyton Manning announce his retirement in the postgame interview?” Majority of bettors said “no” and they were right. He announced his retirement on March 7, 2016, a month after Super Bowl 50.

Prop bets happen during the course of the whole Super Bowl, from pre-game to post-game. The total running time of the game, game points within a quarter, number of field goals made, number of unused timeouts, and combined total score are just a few included on a prop bet sheet.

Entertainment Halftime Super Bowl Props

They can even get creative during halftime and Super Bowl 50 was no different. Aside from the total running time of the halftime show, people placed their bets on what songs Coldplay would perform, and even what shoes Beyoncé would wear. The Super Bowl commercials get in on the action as well. People wagered on whether the first advertisement would include an animal.

Aside from the funny prop bets made during the halftime show, there are also those standard prop bets that will always make it to the prop bet sheet. They have become a tradition in the NFL not only because of their novelty, but also because they bring in a lot of money.

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