Betting on Super Bowl Commercial prop bets – A helpful Guide

Super Bowl Commercial prop bets
57th Super Bowl game flag waving. The game is scheduled to be played on February 12, 2023 in Glendale, Arizona. See which sportsbooks offer the best Super Bowl Commercial prop bets below.

Super Bowl betting is a unique kind of betting that goes beyond mere sports wagers and into the realm of event betting, too. Because the yearly Super Bowl has so many components – from each quarter of the game to the halftime show and coin toss – it’s no wonder that even the television commercials are included in betting market lineups.

Betting on Super Bowl commercials is done in the form of prop (proposition) bets. Players wager on possibilities like which company will air the first ad of the event?, will X actor appear in Y commercial?, and even who will appear first in X commercial?. And sportsbooks like MyBookie, BetOnline, and other sites host these betting options.

In this guide, we’ll be highlighting the different types of commercial prop bets Super Bowl betting sites have to offer. Stay tuned until the end as we detail the 6 online sportsbooks that we feel have the best options when it comes to Super Bowl commercial props. Let’s get into the guide!

Which Sportsbooks Offer Super Bowl Commercial Prop Bets?

There are certain online sportsbooks that simply have better opportunities for players. The following 6 sites are industry-trusted, secure, and have great markets and offers when it comes to Super Bowl commercial props. 


BetUS Bonus for NFL betting

First up, BetUS Sportsbook is great for both crypto and regular sports bettors who want to wager on the Super Bowl. The site features live and pre-game markets, higher crypto NFL bonuses, and a large variety of Super Bowl prop bets. 

Players can even enter raffle contests for NFL events and take advantage of the secure payment system at this seamless site. 


Xbet Sportsbook offers a good range of Super Bowl Commercial prop bets
Xbet Sportsbook offers a good range of Super Bowl Commercial prop bets.

Xbet Sportsbook is great for NFL bettors, as it features special opportunities like same game parlays, weekly updated odds, and exclusive online bonuses. 

You can even build your own NFL prop bets, which is great when it comes to the nuances of Super Bowl commercial props. Xbet also has a secure cashier, 24/7 live chat customer support, and NFL-specific betting contests. 


Choose Betonline for Super Bowl Commercial prop bets
Choose Betonline for some of the best Super Bowl Commercial prop bets

BetOnline Sportsbook boasts of some of the best online sports betting bonuses, fastest payouts, highest betting limits, and earliest lines.

For Super Bowl commercial prop bets, there are lots of resources to avail of, such as betting tips and guides. You can even avail of NFL bonuses at this secure betting site, like regular and crypto welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, contests, and more.


Bovada Sportsbook
Bovada sportsbooks offers plenty of options for betting on Super Bowl Commercial prop bets

Bovada features 24/7 customer support, quick payouts, and a 50% deposit match welcome bonus that includes NFL bets. 

When it’s time for the Super Bowl, Bovada has a whole page dedicated to Super Bowl odds, which includes futures, spreads, money lines, and yes, props. 

When you’re ready to bet on commercials, you’ll have lots of options. US Sportsbook for Super Bowl Commercial prop bets is a leading US Sportsbook for Super Bowl Commercial prop bets

Sportsbetting is another trusted sportsbook featuring Super Bowl odds like futures, margin of victory props, and more. 

Commercial prop bettors can enjoy lots of markets, as well. And you can even take part in special offers like the 50%/100% welcome bonus, sports reload bonus, and some NFL betting contests with big prizes. 


MyBookie sportsbook is a top choice for Super Bowl betting props
MyBookie sportsbook is a top choice for Super Bowl betting props

MyBookie online sportsbook has a special site feature to build your own NFL props, which is a great option if you want to wager on Super Bowl commercial prop bets. 

MyBookie also has beneficial features like odds boosts, a VIP membership option, referral bonuses, welcome bonuses, and NFL betting contests. 

What Types Of Super Bowl Commercial Bets Are There?

You would be surprised at how many ways there are to bet on the TV commercials that air during the Super Bowl. Aside from merely betting on which ads are going to appear, you can also bet on who will appear in those ads, who will have the first line, and even which athletes might show up in them. 

The many kinds of Super Bowl prop bets commercials generate is a list that continues to grow each year. Take a look at some of the specific props you might see going into the next Super Bowl. 

Will X actor appear in the T-Mobile commercial? 

This is obviously just a random example, but there are many props similar to this one, depending on which companies and actors are currently big. This type of prop bet also accounts for whether or not a certain actor has been known to appear in Super Bowl commercials in the past. 

For example, The Rock is currently one of the biggest and highest-earning actors in the world. Considering the fact that he is an ex-athlete himself and has appeared in past Super Bowl ads, there’s a good chance he could do so again. 

And as for the company airing the ad, players will consider similar factors like success and popularity as they strategize their wagers. For example, Amazon is one of the leading companies globally, so players might bet on which actor will appear in an Amazon ad. 

Which company’s ad will air first during the Super Bowl?

This is by far one of the most popular commercial prop bets during the big game. Tons of brands will be competing for airtime in the commercial breaks between Super Bowl plays. In the past, the big names have been Pepsi, Doritos, Budweiser, Snickers, Amazon, TurboTax, and more recently ads for crypto exchange companies like FTX.

Players strategize by looking at the most expensive commercials of Super Bowls past. These are generally the companies that continue to have the funds to take the first commercial slot in upcoming Super Bowls.

Which actor will appear first in the Budweiser commercial?

Let’s say that there have already been Super Bowl commercial teasers released by Budweiser. This means that the company will be airing a full commercial on the day of the Super Bowl and that bettors can get a glimpse of what might happen during that ad. 

This is where the “which actor appears first?” prop bet comes into play. You can take your best guess based on context clues and other factors. 

How many NFL players will appear in Super Bowl commercials? 

If you don’t know much about brands but still want to get in on commercial props, this might be the best option for you. Knowing which professional athletes are the most popular and successful can help you to try and predict how many will show up in the ads. 

These props are fun for regular sports bettors because they work in the form of over/under odds. 

Which commercial will air first out of two?

Unlike the regular “which commercial will air first?” prop, this one requires players to put two companies head to head. Let’s say the market is for Pepsi and Coke. The sports bettor has to correctly predict which company will be the first, chronologically, to air their ad during the game. 

And there are a lot of markets like these, like prop bets for car company commercial order (i.e. Kia or Hyundai?).

Which crypto commercial will air first?

Now that cryptocurrency companies are dominating the online sphere, it only makes sense for them to take up commercial slots at the Super Bowl. 

If you can correctly predict which crypto exchange company will air their commercial first, you can take home some winnings. 

Summary – Super Bowl Commercial Prop Bets 

Super Bowl commercial prop bets are unique sports betting opportunities that don’t require as much sports data and statistical knowledge. 

At online bookmakers like and Xbet Sportsbook, punters can wager on the order of commercials, appearances in commercials, and plenty of other occurrences during air time.