Different Types of Super Bowl Betting Odds

June 6, 2016
Different Types of Super Bowl Betting Odds

Updated: February 19, 2024

Football betting, especially on Super Bowl betting odds has become quite a craze around the world. It is safe to say that Super Bowl has become one of the most watched sports events in the world. This is partly because of the guests, the interesting and expensive ads, and of the wagers that come with it. This is one of the seasons where there's money flow everywhere.

The Different Types of Super Bowl betting odds

For sports betting newbies however, Super Bowl wagers might appear to be a little daunting with all the terminologies and complex numbers that look more complicated than some mathematical algorithm. In truth, Super Bowl betting is a fun activity. This is especially so if you know the basics of the wager and the different types of Super Bowl betting odds. Once you get to know the types and understand how each works, you’ll soon know how to position yourself so you can be profitable in each bet you make. So below is a quick introduction to the different types of Super Bowl bets and betting odds.

Point spread

Point spread is one of the most famous Super Bowl betting odds. It is the one where a bettor will put their money on the team that they believe will win or lose by a number that is greater than a set point. The oddsmaker is the one responsible in monitoring and coming up with the point spread.

In the Super Bowl 50, the point spread was 6 and the point favourite (-) was the Panthers while the Broncos were the underdog (+). The bettor who puts their money on the underdog will win if the team will lose or win by a number that is lesser than the set point spread, which is 5 or less since the point spread is 6.

The point spread constantly changes overtime and might still change even before the game is about to start. This happens due to the large number of bettors and the massiveness of the event.


Compared to point spread, moneyline is the more direct and specific among the Super Bowl betting odds. Bettors will win if their winning team wins and that's about it. No need to think of other variables and no numbers to consider.


This type of Super Bowl betting odds is a little similar to the point spread for the reason that there is a variable that you will have to consider. In this case, is the total score of the two teams combined. If you bet on the over, you will win if the total score of the two teams is greater than a predetermined number. So for example, the predetermined set is 45 – 45.5 points and the total score is 46, then you win if you bet on over. If you bet on the under, the total score should be 44 for you to win.

Prop Bets

Prop bets or propositional bets is unbelievably the most popular and most waged Super Bowl betting odds. It is also the most random and sometimes, has the most hilarious bets. In the recent Super Bowl 50, there were prop bets about what the coin toss will come up and how many times Archie Manning will be shown on TV during broadcast. It is the betting odds craze that everyone wants to put their money in.

There are other Super Bowl betting odds like the pleasers, parlays, the teaser bets, and the “if bets”. These are similarly fun bet yet less famous than the betting odds explained above. If you are looking to make your first Super Bowl bet, best that you make yourself knowledgeable about the works of the famous betting odds in Super Bowl. If you think you’re ready, join the action and enjoy your Super Bowl experience.


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