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The Intertops sportsbook website provides punters with the choice of four betting options.

The company specialises in sports betting, classic casino, casino red and poker.

All four options provide bettors with a number of ways to win money. In addition, all four betting options provide punters with sign-up bonuses that don't appear on any other gambling website.

Intertops Sportsbook Sign Up Bonus Codes

ROOKIEFREEBET Bet $20, get a $20 free bet, 16 x rollover requirement
ROOKIE200 200% deposit bonus up to $50, 8 x rollover requirement
ROOKIE100 100% deposit bonus up to $100, 6 x rollover requirement
ROOKIE50 50% deposit bonus up to $200, 4 x rollover requirement

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Intertops Sportsbook Review

On the surface, Intertops sportsbook looks like a great betting website, but does it hold up once we go a little deeper and place a bet?.

Intertops Sportsbook: History in betting

Intertops isn't a new entry into online gambling.

The company first went online in 1996, and since then, have provided punters with 21 years of great gaming.

Although some may not be familiar with Intertops, it has earned a great reputation; which makes sense, as the brand has stood the test of time.

It isn't well-known with American punters, but that could be down to the company's marketing.

Perhaps they are comfortable with players finding them, rather than the other way around.

At one time, the company only accepted new customers on an invite basis. It was quite exclusive.

Intertops sportsbook has opened its doors to everyone now, but still has an air of exclusivity for customers. Some feel that door could close in the future, and Intertops may go back to being invite only.

Intertops: American bettor friendly

What makes Intertops such a special gambling provider is the fact that American sports bettors and poker players can access it.

American players cannot only play at Intertops, but the quick payouts make it incredibly popular with customers compared to other options.

While options for American sports bettors, poker players and online casino enthusiasts aren't necessarily expansive, Intertops is able to give players from the United State everything they could want and more.

It is important to note that US players must be 18-years old to play on the website.

In some states, the age could even be slightly higher (21). For players that meet the age requirements, Intertops is a great website to wager money.

Intertops: Reasons to play

As one website states, Intertops hasn't made any major headlines, which is a good thing.

The company is stable and has a long, very positive reputation. Although Intertops doesn't have the reputation some may think of when considering sportsbooks or poker websites, it is one of the best available.

No matter if it is sports betting or casino, Intertops provide customers with plenty of promotions to keep them coming back for more.

The most noticeable promotions can be found on the website's main page.

All four of the betting company's sections offer fantastic sign-up bonuses.

The sportsbook is currently giving new customers a $200 sign-up bonus, while both casino red and classic casino provide new clients with a 100% sign-up bonus.

Intertops' poker room gives players a 200% sign-up bonus. All four are great, and customers should be able to make the most of the extra cash.

As the website attracts American sports bettors, it offers a unique and lucrative NFL bonus.

Players can get a free $500 bet, if they wager $5,000 throughout the full 17-week NFL season.

However, if you plan on getting the $500 free bet, you need to be sure to sign up for the promotion at the beginning of the NFL season.

Intertops: Sportsbook experience

Bettors can select the area of Intertops they wish to enter from the main page.

Once you enter your chosen section, it is very easy to navigate.

The sportsbook in particular is very clean, and easy to get around.

There are no bright colours, messy images or videos, or annoying branding.

The variety of sports you can bet on are located down the left-hand side and sports events that are about to start are placed in the centre column. To the right is the live betting area, and you can find plenty of in-play events to wager on.

The layout and colours make the website easy to read and follow. In fact, Intertops website looks a lot better than many of its major competitors.

One of the aspects I love about the Intertops sportsbook is the ‘Hottest Bet' section on the right-hand side of the main page.

Here I get a parlay bet (accumulator) that Intertops suggests.

Intertops even gives me the suggested wager and payout I would receive. It is quite clever, and a great idea.

The sportsbook also has some brilliant special offers for you to scroll through.

Surely, there is one for every punter in the 50 states. From refer a friend bonuses to winning tickets to this year's Super Bowl, there are some great incentives to play with Intertops.

Intertops: Final verdict

The amount of markets and variety that Intertops provides is great. The website is easy to use and simple to navigate. Meanwhile, the promotions are great too.

For an American betting audience, Intertops offers quite a number of promotions, which is something many European facing bookies do not do.

At the same time, Intertops isn't for professional bettors and is more for the casual bettor interested in wager small amounts.

The maximum bet a punter can make is $2,000, so anyone looking to wager more on a single bet will need to look somewhere else.

While that may turn some bettors off of the website, Intertops provides the perfect combination of bonuses, promotions and reputation to be a sportsbook more people should be using.

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