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Updated: August 30, 2022


If you’re looking through the internet, it can feel like every online sportsbook is the same. They all say they have the most games, the most things to bet on, the best odds, and so forth. They might have some flashy graphics, something referencing a few different sports, maybe some endorsements, and that’s about it. It can be difficult to know what separates one from the other. When we created Betnow, we looked at all of the other sportsbooks online that we could find. We saw what we liked, and we saw a lot more of what we didn’t. So, when we sat down to make our site, we wanted it to be the best of all worlds: a site for players of all kinds who wanted to get a bet down on their games.

An Online Sportsbook for Players

That was the main thing to us when we designed the site: we wanted a site that appealed to the people making the bets. By offering as much as we can to the players, we hope to establish a long term relationship with our players. We know how many options you have for betting. We know what all is out there. That’s why we do everything we can to not just make the most palatable platform with which to bet, but one you want to return to again and again. We want to be the one place you go to, season in and season out when you’re looking to bet.

Of course, one way we do that is through offering you as much as possible. When you initially sign up with our online sportsbook, we’re elated. We’re always grateful that someone came to us when they could’ve chosen so many others. That’s something we feel should be celebrated. So, to celebrate it, we give you an initial bonus of up to 100%. That means that we match your initial offer. Whatever amount you put in, we match it the first time.

We’ve found that’s great for many players because their first bet with us is one that they feel very confident about. Maybe you’ve done a lot of research, perhaps you know something about this game, but whatever the reason, you were compelled to reach out to us and put a bet down. So, to reward your confidence and your bold choice of action, we match that initial amount. In a way, really, it’s the least we can do.

Online Sportsbook

Of course, that’s not the only amount of yours that we match. We also offer, in some circumstances, a reload bonus as well. That means, when you decide to reload your money with us, we can match that, too. Again, when you’ve chosen to reload with us, that’s something to be celebrated. You looked at all of the different options that you had and decided to come back to us. By rewarding you for that by matching your money, we hope to create a relationship that lasts for a long time.

More Things to Bet On

We’re quite proud of the sheer amount of games that we have to offer our players. When someone asks us “can we bet on football at your site,” it’s hard not to respond with something like: “Sure! Do you mean NFL, CFL, Australian Rules football, college football, or…?” Of course, that’s just the beginning of what we offer in terms of football betting. You can also get a bet down on the quarters of an NFL game, the halves, and even the futures. If you can imagine a bet you could get down on a game, you can probably find it at our site.

Bet from Anywhere

Out on a boat, out for a run, on break at work, at work, in line, at the game itself – those are just a few of the locations that people have been at where they bet on our site. You’ll notice that none of those are “in front of a desktop computer” or “at a sports betting facility.” We believe that to truly establish a relationship with our players, they have to have the freedom to live their own lives. Instead of planning your down around sports betting, we believe you should be able to make the sports betting fit into your own life.

So, with our mobile site, you can be anywhere and get a bet down. Maybe you were going through your day to day life and forgot – no worries. You can just press a few buttons and get that bet down that could change everything for you. We believe in opportunity. By offering more games, more bets, more offers and more ways to bet, we give our players more opportunities to make money than they could’ve found elsewhere. You can start with our site today.

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