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Monday, 25 June 2018

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Police release disturbing body-cam footage of Milwaukee Bucks rookie Sterling Brown being arrested and tased


Milwaukee Police / YouTube Body-cam footage of the arrest of Milwaukee Bucks rookie Sterling Brown was released on Wednesday, showing the young player being taken down by police and tased. The police apologized for the incident after an internal investigation, admitting that officers “acted inappropriately.” Both Brown and the Bucks

NFL Executives take aim at Josh Rosen, the most polarized quarterback in the draft


Ross D. Franklin/AP Josh Rosen has landed himself in trouble again – the reason – people in the NFL are not too keen on his perceived brash and outspoken personality.  Since being drafted by the Arizona Cardinals, there has only been more word from around the NFL world that some people

Former NFL Kicker Jay Feely Gets DRAGGED On Twitter After Sharing Photo Holding Gun Next To His Daughter’s Prom Date


You didn’t really think this one through, did ya, Jay Feely? The former NFL kicker and sometimes TV football commentator showed a picture on his Twitter account this weekend depicting his daughter and her high school boyfriend on their way to prom… with Jay in the middle of the pair

The NFL’s Ray Rice Effect

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Ray Rice, former Baltimore Ravens running back, has not played in an NFL game since the 2013 season. A second-round draft choice out of Rutgers in 2008, Rice had five consecutive 1,000-yard-plus seasons before his production dropped off in 2013. After rushing for 660 yards that season, Rice likely never