How is the NFL MVP chosen & Who was the last non QB to win MVP?

December 17, 2020
How is the NFL MVP chosen -Patrick Mahomes currently Fav

Updated: September 21, 2023

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How is the NFL MVP chosen?

The MVP award is given out to one player who has completely exceeded any expectations that they had entering the season. For the NFL, there are currently 50 different voters that have been chosen by the Associated Press each year.

These 50 voters may not be the same from season to season but there is still a lot of previous voters that stick around for multiple seasons.

There are a ton of reasons for a player to receive MVP votes, one of the biggest reasons is their position.

Historically, quarterbacks have an advantage in this category due to them being the sole leader and facilitator of an offense. If an offense were to perform like a top unit in the league, the quarterback is given the most amount of credit on their lineup.

Another major factor that isn’t talked about as much is the team’s record. While the voters aren’t bias, their votes are normally cast to players on winning teams.

If a quarterback has a phenomenal season but his football team is 4-12 on the year, chances are he doesn’t win the MVP compared to someone who was slightly worse than him, but his team finished 14-2.

This is especially true among players of other positions as well, as it is already nearly impossible for a player outside of a quarterback to win the award. Especially if that player is on a team with a losing record and isn’t able to make the postseason.

Ultimately, there are a lot of flaws with this type of voting system as a number of ESPN writers and analysts are able to vote on this award. This leaves the possibility of player bias as well, maybe if a player has superior stats in every category but isn’t able to win the award simply because the voters don’t like him as a person.

Lamar Jackson Becomes Extremely Heavy Favorite to Win NFL MVP After Week 12

Lamar Jackson won the 2019 MVP

For example, Lamar Jackson was able to win the 2019 MVP award unanimously after putting up 3127 passing yards, 1206 rushing yards, 36 passing touchdowns, 7 rushing touchdowns and only 6 interceptions.

Jackson led his Baltimore Ravens to a 14-2 record on the season and defeated fellow MVP running mate Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks.

Wilson had thrown for 4110 yards, 31 touchdowns, five interceptions with 342 rushing yards and three touchdowns.

However, Wilson was only able to get Seattle to a record of 11-5 on the season.

While there is absolutely no evidence, the fact that Wilson wasn’t able to gather a single vote for the award despite having terrific stats may point to bias on a team’s record or personality.

Regardless of all this, the voting process for this particular award will not be changing anytime soon. The voters may circulate from year to year, but the NFL is most likely going to stick with the process that has gotten them this far!

Who was the last non QB to win MVP?

Unfortunately for a lot of players in the NFL, they don’t get the recognition that they deserve. That is especially true among talented skill position players such as running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, kickers and safeties along with others.

Most notably when it comes to the MVP award that is handed out at the end of the given season.

Adrian Peterson

The last non quarterback to win the MVP award was Adrian Peterson

The last non quarterback to win this award was Adrian Peterson, the future hall of fame running back who has played on a number of teams, most known for his time as a Minnesota Viking. He won the award back in 2012 on Minnesota, a year in which he ran for 2097 total yards and 12 touchdowns.

Peterson happened to be nine yards short of breaking Erik Dickerson’s rushing title that has been held for many years.

He also hauled in 40 receptions for 217 yards and one touchdown in that same season. His season was so impressive that he was able to win the award despite not being a quarterback and while being on a team that didn’t finish first in his division.

Minnesota was 10-6 that season and a game behind the 11-5 Green Bay Packers, making Petersons victory shocking and incredible.

He wasn’t the only running back to win an MVP award at the running back position though.

LaDainian Tomlinson won the award back in 2006 and used to be the most recent non quarterback to win the award until Peterson had his monstrous season.

Tomlinson put up 1815 rushing yards but totaling a whopping 28 touchdowns rushing. Add on three touchdowns receiving and 508 yards through the air and suddenly he found himself with an MVP trophy.

Unfortunately, it has now been years since a non-quarterback was able to claim enough votes for the award, however a young running back by the name of Dalvin Cook has been making a case for himself this season.

Cook happens to be on the Vikings as well, and through nine games of the 2020 he has put up 858 rushing yards and 12 touchdowns to go along with 173 receiving yards and one touchdown.

This is all while only playing in seven of those first nine games as he missed a few due to injury.

Many analysts from around the league believe that he should not only be in contention for the award but should also receive a good number of votes despite his team’s terrible season record.

While it has been quite a long time since a non-quarterback has won the award, the chance of it happening are still very great in today’s league despite the quarterback bias.

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