Top 30 Most Influential People In NFL – The List

September 19, 2016
Top 30 Most Influential People In NFL sees Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys rank high

Updated: June 13, 2024

Notable people from NFL have graced our screens and influenced fans' lives in one way or another. This list seeks to give an insight on some of the noteworthy contributors and give a little insight on what they have achieved. It is imperative that we put across a disclaimer that this list is not quite exhaustive. As such one may feel that their admired NFL contributor has been left out. We do not seek to undermine anyone’s effort. But rather inform the fans on some of their achievements and contributions towards NFL’s success.

Our Top 30 NFL People that have made the most impact on the Game

1. Jerry Jones

Besides being one of only three current proprietors to lead their clubs to no less than three Super Bowl titles, Jones' efforts in games marketing and the overall improvement of AT&T Stadium have left a memorable mark on the NFL and the American sports society as a whole.

Propelled to the limelight after the Super Bowl victories in the 1992, 1993 and 1995 seasons, Jones became the first proprietor in NFL history to guide his group to attain three wins in his initial seven years of owning the club.

Jerry Jones being on this list does not only come as a result of his club’s winnings. Keeping in mind that the Cowboys have not won any title in more than 20 years. But also the immense earnings his franchise gets and his unrelenting attitude towards solving NFL conundrums.

2. DeMaurice Smith

Having previously worked as a lawyer and attaining presidential ties, Smith was chosen to become the executive director of the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) on March 15th, 2009. The presidential ties put him in a more favourable position over other potential applicants like Troy Vincent, Trace Armstrong, and games lawyer David Cornwell.

He was chosen to his second and third terms in 2012 and 2015, respectively. In the Executive Director’s position, Smith has accentuated that players need to take more control of their professions. Those that continually educate themselves, and become more involved.

Although his major role is to battle for better player pay rates and enhanced safety, Smith has made it clear that long haul healthcare and added future benefits as just as vital.

3. John Elway

Selected in the initial pick in the 1983 NFL draft, the renowned quarterback went ahead to gain nine Pro Bowl selections. He showed up in five Super Bowls for the Denver Broncos and aced two of them. Inaugurated to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2004, he was named the executive VP of football for the Broncos in 2011 by Owner Pat Bowlen.

This being his sixth season, he foresees all of Broncos’ football operations as well as directs all player acquisitions.

4. Andrew Luck

Known for his notable contributions to the Colts, in his first three expert seasons, Luck has driven the club to three playoff appearances including two division titles in 2013 and 2014, likewise acquiring a Pro Bowl selection in the two seasons. Also, in the 2013-14 NFL playoffs, he drove the Colts to the second biggest playoff rebound in NFL history.

5. Von Miller

Alleged to be Bronco’s highest paid player Miller is considered to be one of the most outstanding 3-4 linebackers.

He makes it on this list because of his team; Broncos placed the franchise tag on him early this year (01st March 2016), and he later signed a six-year deal with the same team of about $114.5 million. Subsequently, he became the highest remunerated defensive player in the history of NFL.

6. Ron Rivera

Back in 2011, Rivera, 51, got to be one of the first Latino coaches, taking after pioneers like Tom Fears and Tom Flores and remains to be one of the top coaches. At the point when Rivera entered NFL through the Chicago Bears in 1984, there were hardly any Latinos in the league. The following year he made his presence felt in the NFL, by turning into the main player of Puerto Rican plunge on a Super Bowl winning team.

As the current Panther’s coach, Ron Rivera has earned himself one-year contract renewal that will pay him more than $6 million a year. Rivera, who drove the Panthers to a 17-2 record in addition to a berth in Super Bowl 50, is under contract through the 2018 season.

7. Tony Romo

Romo has so far had a 104.9 passer rating in a 34-14 win over the Philadelphia Eagles in the playoffs first round, winning the main playoff win in 13 years for the Dallas Cowboy.

In one of the most inspiring NFL success stories, Tony Romo rose from the position of a undrafted free operator – and three-year move down quarterback – to a record-setting, three-time Pro Bowl select.

8. Bruce Arians

In January 2013, the Arians and Arizona Cardinals settled on a 4-year bargain that would make the latter their head coach. Arians is the only Cardinals tactician since the legendary Norm Barry in 1925 to record no less than nine victories in his debut season. A personal record of 10-6 for the year 2013.

Other notable contributions are that the Cardinals completed the 2014 season with an 11-5 record. They were the fifth in the NFC. The 11 wins tied Cardinals all-time record for most wins in a single season. Arians steered the Cardinals to an impressive 9-1 start, which is so far a record in the NFL.

9. Russell Wilson

In spite of his mall stature, he led the Seattle Seahawks to a victory during the Super Bowl XLVIII. He made his mark on NFL in 2015 after five consecutive games in which he achieved 19 touchdowns without being intercepted. This made him the sole quarterback in NFL’s entire history, to throw 3+ touchdowns without interceptions.

10. Jeff Miller

He has been in charge of the NFL Security for more than a decade and continues to make his presence felt. He currently serves as a Director of Strategic Security.

11. Rob Gronkowski

England Patriots’ tight end Rob Gronkowski gained fame for catching seven passes for 108 yards and a touchdown to lead his group to triumph over the Baltimore Ravens in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs.

12. Daily Fantasy Sports Chiefs

They give continuous updates on all NFL games and give insights on all aspects of NFL, but their industry receives a whole lot of backlash from most states, as they make money through fantasy football, which many claim is equivalent to gambling.

13. Manning Family

Featuring Archie Manning otherwise called the father of Peyton and Eli Manning, two of the most unmistakable appearances in the NFL, and this becomes one of the most notable families in the NFL fraternity.

Peyton and Eli are both quarterbacks and have driven their particular groups to the Super Bowl. In 11 playoff appearances with his previous club, Indianapolis Colts, Peyton made it to the Super Bowl twice.

His sibling, Eli, is aiming for a third Super Bowl ring, as he has two wins in New England – Super Bowl XLII and Super Bowl XLVI).

14. Andre Levy

In one of the highlights during his career Levy, 29, led the NFL in solo handles in 2014. An expedient, extreme player who tracked running backs and also opposing passers, Levy was indeed an asset in line backing. Moreover, Levy's capacity to put pressure on the passers played a major role in Lion's team success.

15. Marvin Lewis

In 2015 Marvin Lewis extended coaching tenure to 13 seasons. He has driven his group to the postseason in five of the most recent six years, including four straight. The Bengals are one of four NFL groups to achieve the playoffs consistently from 2011-14, and they are one of five the prominent five groups to have qualified in no less than five of the last six seasons.

16. Katie Blackburn

In as much as she may be operating behind the scenes, her impact cannot be overlooked. Besides being the first woman to be a chief contract negotiator, she is the Vice President of Bengals.

Like never before, the NFL has been constrained lately to answer questions about the part ladies play in the nation's most well-known games association. The intense scrutiny started with the group's treatment of aggressive behaviour at home. Amid which the alliance confessed to not having enough female chiefs at the table. In the course of recent months, the NFL has extended the Rooney Rule to ladies for official positions in the Alliance office. It has seen Bills extraordinary groups quality control mentor Kathryn Smith turn into the primary full-time female mentor. Plus it held a ladies' vocation advancement Symposium toward the front of the current week's proprietors' gatherings.

Blackburn was a specialist at the symposium, drawing on a quarter-century of involvement in expert football. She wants to work in the background, however as her dad has stepped once again from the everyday duties in Cincinnati, Blackburn is en route to running the group.

17. Brandon Marshall

He beat the odds of personality disorder to become the only player with 1,000 yards receiving for four teams. He has used his talent to raise both awareness and money to find the stigma mental illness patients face.

Marshall is very nearly a Pro Bowl year in the wake of being voted a substitute in each of the last two seasons. In 2015, Marshall recorded 102 handles and 1.5 sacks. He additionally constrained two sacks and scored a block attempt.

18. Bob LaMonte

As indicated on his website, LaMonte has participated in contracts amounting to more than $1.25 billion. He represents front office executives as well as coaches from 26 NFL groups. Including Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman and the previous two Vikings head coaches, Brad Childress and the terminated Leslie Frazier.

19. Amy Adams Strunk

Being one of the daughters of the Titans founder, K.S. Adams, Strunk is currently the controlling owner of the franchise. She has made notable changes to provide stability as well as improve it.

“Our business staff needs the same opportunity altogether for our association to achieve its maximum capacity and to keep on creating a top of the line fan involvement with Nissan Stadium. Choices will dependably be made taking into account what is the best for the group to achieve our objectives of getting to be one of the world class establishments of the NFL and enhancing the groups of Nashville and centre Tennessee.

Nashville is a standout amongst the most dynamic and quickly developing urban communities in the country with an exceptionally encouraging future,” said Strunk. “We are glad to be a piece of Nashville and centre Tennessee, and we need the Titans to be a pioneer in giving chances to individuals and organisations in the city and the area to accomplish their fantasies.”

20. Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson is an American football running back for the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League. Mostly recognised for his establishment of the All Day Foundation in 2008 to bring awareness and support projects that cater for at-risk children.

21. George Whitfield

George Whitfield's name is a standout amongst the most renowned persons in the quarterback world. He has trained with the likes of Cam Newton, Andrew Luck and Johnny Manziel to mention but a few.

22. Scott Hallenbeck

Hallenbeck's main task is to oversee USA Football's gear program. The project recompenses $1 million in football equipment every year to youth and secondary school football programs given the need. Scott Hallenbeck doubles up as a USA Football's volunteer youth coach. This ensures a valuable football experience for upcoming footballers and football families.

23. Tyrann Mathieu

Mathieu is among the best paid safeties, playing for the Cardinals who have decided to extend his tenure. The Cardinals drafted him in the 2013’s NFL’s draft.

After the 2015 NFL season, Tyrann, formerly nicknamed ‘The Honey Badger’ was invited to his first ever Pro Bowl. He was declared as a first-team All-Pro safety by the Associated Press.

24. Dave Gettleman

Gettleman is one of NFL's front office administrator generals, having entered the NFL back in 1986 where he worked as an intern for Buffalo Bills.

He moved to Denver Broncos in 1993 and later to the New York Giants where he was promoted to the Pro Personnel Director in 1999.

He was elected in 2013 as the General Manager of the Carolina Panthers.

25. Michael Sam

One of Michael Sam's professional highlights is his participation in the NFL Veteran Combine in 2015. During the event, he clocked 4.99 seconds in a 40-yard dash, which is one of the most remarkable feats in NFL’s history.

26. CAA Football

Their accolade being to act on behalf of the most successful NFL players. This association plays a major role in laying out strategies on behalf of the players, both on and off the field.

27. Thom Mayer

Dr Mayer serves as the Medical Director for the NFL Players Association, where his leadership services have positively changed the wellbeing of the NFL players.

One of Thom Mayer's most noteworthy contributions is how he has facilitated policy changes in how concussions are diagnosed and treated on NFL’s players.

28. Ozzie Newsome

In one of his noteworthy highlights in the NFL field, Ozzie was granted the United States Sports Academy's Eagle Award. This is considered the highest honour and it was in recognition to his major contributions to international sport.

In 2002 Ozzie Newsome was appointed the Baltimore Ravens’ General Manager. A post that made him the first African-American person to occupy such a position in NFL. He has also served in NFL's front office with the Ravens.

29. Martha Ford

Few individuals, if any, will set out on another profession around their 90th birthday. However Ford took up the initiative for the Lions after the passing on of William Clay Ford Sr., who directed one playoff win in the 50 years he possessed the club. Martha, whom he wedded in 1947, was there the entire time William owned the club. At the point when Bill Sr. died at the age of 88 in March 2014, control of the franchise was passed on to her.

She began her reign with the firing of Tom Lewland, the team's president as well as the General Manager, Martin Mayhew, who throughout the years, stayed with a progression of failing to meet expectations. In spite of just 31 wins amid his seven or more seasons as group president, Matt Millen was not fired until the Lions were only a few games into what might have been the NFL's exclusive 0-16 season. Martha Ford is struggling to rebuild the Lions, a feat she seemingly will achieve.

30. Chip Kelly

In his time at Oregon, Kelly reached heights that only few have; his primary goal was geared towards transforming a decent program into a world-class powerhouse. During the time he worked at Oregon, they lost only seven games and won 46. They played in four successive BCS Bowl Games, and in 2011, he came one possession shy of winning the national title. Chip will always be credited for this achievement and the manner in which he accomplished it.

The entire list can never be quite exhaustive. Indeed there have been countless individuals who have contributed immensely in NFL. This list entails only a few, whose contributions cannot be ignored.

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