Crazy Props in 2016 Super Bowl Bets

May 5, 2016
Crazy Props in 2016 Super Bowl Bets 1

Updated: February 20, 2024

Super Bowl Bets included ones on Peyton Manning

Bets in the Super Bowl 50 this year have reportedly reached $132 million in Nevada alone, according to the state’s gaming control body. Such volume has made placing Super Bowl bets an unofficial pastime for Americans. What has made this kind of gambling attractive to many?

Before the 1980s, gambling in a Super Bowl game used to be simple. A bettor just need to place a bet, usually on which team wins. Those days are gone. Today, bettors can put their money on literally anything that happens, or does not, in a Super Bowl game. This type of betting is called Proposition Bets, or more fondly called props.

Here are some of the craziest examples of props during the Super Bowl 50 held in 2016 in Sta. Clara, California between the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos.

1. Will viewers see Peyton Manning cry at any point during the Super Bowl 50 broadcast?

Peyton manning is a 5-time NFL MVP and has been in the game for the past 18 years. For this prop, there were +600 (6/1) bets on Yes, and -1200 (1/12) bets on No. The odds are, Yes, Peyton did cry at some point in the game. There is even a YouTube clip of it.

2. In relation to number 1, will Peyton Manning retire after this year’s championship game?

There were Yes +500 (5/1) bets on Yes, and -1000 (1/10) bets on No. Unfortunately, many were wrong and he did retire after the game. He also cried during the announcement.

3. This prop is a regular every year: What Gatorade color will be poured on the winning coach?

There were 5/4 Super Bowl bets on orange, 3/1 for blue, 4/1 for clear, 4/1 for yellow, 6/1 for red, 10/1 for green, and 10/1 for purple. For the 2014 Super Bowl, blue was poured over New England Patriots Head Coach, Bill Belichick, probably because it was their team’s color. This year, orange was dumped on Denver Broncos coach, Gary Kubiak.

4. Who will be mentioned first by the Super Bowl MVP?

Bets were 2/1 for God, 2/1 for Team, 6/1 for City or Fans, 15/2 for Coach, 15/1 for Family, and 9/4 for not mentioning any of the above. Well, for the Super Bowl 50 MVP Von Miller, his team was the first to be thanked.

5. Will the Panthers give the football to a girl or boy after their first touchdown?

Super Bowl bets went to Boy with -200 (1/2), and +150 (3/2) for
Girl. Many predicted that it will be a boy because there are more males in the audience than females. However, this bet was a no play. After the Panthers’ first touchdown, no ball was given to any kid on live television.

6. What will Steph Curry be wearing if he is shown on TV during the game?

Bets were 1/1 for personalized Carolina Steph Curry jersey, 2/1 for no jersey, 3/1 for Cam Newton jersey, and 5/1 for any other Carolina jersey. Oddsmakers and sportsbooks predicted an easy personalized jersey. Like item number 5, however, this was also a no play. Steph was never even shown on TV during the game.

7. Something weird: Will “Left Shark” appear on during the Super Bowl Halftime Show?

Although this prop took 15/1 bets for Yes only, it was still predicted that no, the left shark will not appear at any time on stage during the halftime show. They were right. In case anyone has forgotten, that left shark was the one who accompanied Katy Perry as a back-up dancer for her Super Bowl performance. Remember now?

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