Importance of Knowing the NFL Preseason Betting Trends

May 31, 2016
Importance of Knowing the NFL Preseason Betting Trends 1

Updated: September 22, 2023

NFL Preseason Betting Trends
NFL preseason betting trends are an important indicator for punters because this is the time when football handicappers prepare for the upcoming campaign by examining teams and players early on.

The NFL is considered by many as the king of all professional sports leagues — even the preseason games attract interest from sports bettors. These games have strengthened the appeal of the NFL because football bettors make a huge amount of money by paying attention to holdouts, training camps, and free agency.

While the NFL preseason is only about four weeks, this is still an additional month of football games to bet on regardless of which teams are playing and for how long. These factors also need to be greatly considered when handicapping because key players hardly play.

NFL Preseason Betting Trends Odds

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In general, the NFL preseason odds are limited to about a field goal for one team or the other, except if there is additional information that affects the game, which could also influence the betting lines. For instance, information on whether Russell Wilson of Seattle Seahawks would play the preseason game or three quarters of that match.

When the public gets this information, this may change the NFL preseason betting trends because sportsbooks would also change the odds to favor a team if sharp bettors have not placed huge bets on the game to initiate a move on the line. More often than not, the winner of the preseason games covers the points spread, which is perhaps the best thing about betting on NFL preseason games.

Coaching Tactics

Not all coaches have the same strategy during the preseason games. Some of them want to win, particularly the new ones who want to start a winning legacy immediately. Others do not give it too much attention yet treat the exhibition games as practice and training camp.

Coaching records in the preseason are useful handicapping tools since you will see betting trends connected with them every year. Depending on their teams and tenure, different coaches have different motivations. Take note of the coaches and you may find an edge when it comes to betting on preseason games.

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Game Plans

During the regular season, you will never see an NFL head coach who would sit down and share their game plans with the press. However, it may not be the same during the preseason because coaches often give important information worth wagering on, which tells you precisely how long the starters, the backup offensive players, and the star QB (if at all) would play.

Bettors can use this information and the information about the game plan of the opposing team to determine where they can have an advantage.

Injuries and Camp Holdouts

Some players sit out during these games because of serious injuries or contract disputes. You need to pay close attention to the news during the preseason so you can be well-informed about the players.

While there are many reasons for a fan to just ignore the NFL preseason games, it is different for sports bettors. For them, knowing the NFL preseason betting trends will still give them an opportunity to make money.

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