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Philadelphia Eagles NFL Week 8 Review

What We Learned from NFL Week 8 of the Season

At roughly the midpoint of the National Football League season, who would have thought the best record would belong to the Philadelphia Eagles? Giants’ fans likely counted on another stellar season from WR Odell Beckham Jr. and another trip to the NFC playoffs. Beckham fell…

NFL Week 1 Review

All We Know After NFL Week 1 Of The Season, Is That We Know Nothing

There’s an old adage among front office executives of NFL teams. In regards to the conclusion of Week 1 of the NFL season. The 50% of teams in the league who win their opening game will begin wondering if they’ll lose at all that upcoming…

Von Miller

5 NFL Trends that will Continue

One thing that is constant in the National Football League is change. The game in 2016 is different than it was a decade ago. The game in the 2000’s is much different than that of the 1990’s and so on. As the game continues to…

Super Bowl trends

Is There a Pattern in the Super Bowl Trends?

Some people might think that since the Super Bowl is different every year, there would not be any Super Bowl trends. This could make sense because it may be impossible to develop betting trends for a game that has a different venue and participants every…

Understanding NFL Spreads

When a new bettor looks at an odds board, they may be confused about all the symbols and numbers that they see. Although most NFL fans and bettors are generally accustomed to seeing NFL spreads, it does not necessarily mean that they understand them. All…

Importance of Knowing the NFL Preseason Betting Trends

NFL preseason betting trends are an important indicator for punters because this is the time when football handicappers prepare for the upcoming campaign by examining teams and players early on. The NFL is considered by many as the king of all professional sports leagues —…