NFL Betting Trends on the Steelers against Patriots

There are a number of NFL betting trends which have taken off with the season.

From NFL preseason betting trends, to the Super Bowl trends for the coming season – there are a variety of betting styles which are more popular than others.

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NFL spreads allow fans to bet on a spread of games, rather than just one.

NFL over under is a popular option for fans who want to bet on a wide range of games, and simply choose which team will win or lose.

NFL Betting Trends Explained

These are some of the top trends when it comes to NFL betting.


This is probably one of the most popular styles of NFL sports betting.

Namely due to how simple it is for the casual fan to place a bet on a particular game or series of games.

Also known as “game total betting,” this is a bet where odds makers set a number of points which they believe a team will be over (or under) the opponent in a game.

Betters then bet on the total number of points combined by both teams, to either be over or under, that amount which was set by the odds makers.

This is a popular betting style because the fan is simply selecting the total they believe both teams will combine to score.

So, if you select over 43 in a particular game, if the odds makers set the final score to be 41 for the game, if you bet over for this game, you would have won.

It's a simple betting style. It's also one which doesn't require too much expertise in order for fans to place a bet.

Spread betting

Spread betting, as the name implies, is the actual spread between both teams in a match.

This is the most popular style of NFL sports betting for the casual better in big match ups.

It makes betting on either the heavy favorite or the under dog in a particular game, equally attractive to the fan, because you aren't actually wagering on who is going to win the game.

In fact, you are simply placing a bet on the amount of points you believe will be the spread between both teams at game's end.

An example of this bet is as follows.

If one team is favored in a particular game and the odds makers have given them a spread of 3.5 this means they are favored to win the game by this many points.

When you wager on the favored team, they will have to win the game by 4 points or more, in order for you to be victorious on the wager.

If you placed your bet on the under dog, it does not matter how much they lose the game by; or, if they win the game, you would also be paid out on the bet you placed for the under dog to win that particular match up.

Straight bet

This is always a popular style of bet in the NFL, as well as in other professional sports.

With the straight bet, you are picking a winner for a particular game based on the points spread.

As with the above example, depending on the team you decide will win the game, and the amount of points spread between them, your pick will have to win by a higher amount than the odds makers place on them, in order for you to receive a payout for the particular match.

Moneyline bet

With this type of NFL betting trends bet you disregard the points spread altogether when placing your wager.

Here you are placing a bet on the favorite team in a game, without actually having to determine how much they are going to win the game by.

You can also select a particular team to win outright, which will result in a higher payout for a particular game.

Depending on how much of a favorite a team is in a particular game, the amount you have to wager in order to see the payout is going to vary.


With this bet you select a total number of teams or score totals and would place a single bet on one card with the betting style.

In order for you to win the particular wager you placed, each of the individual selections you placed will have to win their respective games.

So, if you place 10 game bets, each of the ten teams you selected in the parlay wager would have to win their game, in order for you to receive payout in that game.

This is a particularly difficult betting style, and for this reason, if you do win all your matches, the potential for a larger payout is greater than with other straight line betting styles.

Odd bets

Although not as common, there are different game changing factors which you can place a bet on as well. Some of these NFL betting trends include:

  • First team or player to score in a game.
  • What the halftime score will be in a particular game.
  • Which position player is the first to score in a game.
  • How many points a team's defense will give up in a bet.
  • Pleasers and teasers betting are also popular styles of NFL sports betting which many fans tend to engage in.
These are not as common as the straight line betting format in the NFL, but they do allow you to place smaller bets on various aspects of a game, or different games which are being played during the course of the week.

Regardless of whether you want to bet on a points spread, who will win or lose, or different individual outcomes in a particular game or series of games, there are various NFL betting trends and styles which you can choose from when it comes to NFL gambling online.

Although it is still early on in the NFL season, these are a few of the most popular bets which fans are making in the season, and some of the easiest styles of bets for all types of fans to place.

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