NFL Betting Lines: Understanding the Green/Red Circles

July 12, 2016
NFL Betting Tips

Updated: July 18, 2024

Professional football is considered the number one sport in the online sports betting industry. It is most popular not only in the United States but all around the world as well.

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While most of us are already familiar with the standard NFL betting lines, a novice bettor is most likely to be overwhelmed when they first sign up with an online sportsbook.

Especially when they look at the number of betting options available.

Bets are usually on which team will win the game or who will cover the spread. Alternatively, this guide will explain the less common NFL betting line options. This will give you more opportunities in making profits.

Types of Football NFL Betting Lines

For each NFL game, the online sportsbook posts a number with different wager options. This posted number is known as the betting line.

Bookmakers are going to post odds on the team who is more likely to win the game. The betting line typically shows a favorite and an underdog.

Circled Betting Line

In some instances, you will see a green or red box near the betting line. It could be an NFL Moneyline, Point Spread, or Total betting line that is boxed green or red. This is called the circled line, or a green/red boxed line.

Green Circle Betting Line

When you see a green circle near or around the betting line, it means that the limits on betting are higher. It also means that there are no restrictions.

An NFL game is usually green-circled if it is being televised nationwide. It is highly popular amongst fans and online bettors.

Red Circle Betting Line

Contrary to the “no betting restriction” rule on a green-circled game, lower bet limits and restrictions are applied if an NFL game is red-circled.

The bet limit is usually $500 maximum.

IF Bets, Teasers, Parlays, and Round Robin Sets are excluded from the betting options. This is done by bookmakers for risk reduction purposes.

A game is often red-circled if a key player is not likely to play, or if the weather is reported to be severe and may affect the overall game.

Usually, once the sportsbook gets more accurate information, they will set a new NFL betting line and remove the red box before the game kicks off.

Bookmakers, however, are not to disclose why they circle certain NFL games.

The risk management team of each bookmaker sets their own rules and regulations by which all the bookmakers must abide.

For this reason, it is essential for a bettor to sign up only with an experienced and reputable online sportsbook.

If you are betting on the NFL or any other sport league, always pick the most appropriate sportsbook for your specific needs.

In choosing, consider several factors such as the reliability of the online betting site, the bonuses offered, and whether or not the sportsbook provides for the type of bet you’d like to use.

And now that you are aware of the other NFL betting lines, you will have more chances of earning more profit.

Apart from trying the usual wager options, you should probably also try the less commonly used NFL betting lines. Who knows, you might just enjoy better luck.

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