Best NFL Picks for Week 16

December 24, 2021
Best NFL Picks for Week 16

Updated: February 21, 2024

See our best 3 expert picks for week 16 of the 2021 NFL season below. Our American football ace goes through each of the best games selected this week and gives his view on who the winners will be.

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Indianapolis Colts @ Arizona Cardinals

Indianapolis Colts

This game will be played on a Saturday rather than a Sunday and is the game to watch this week for good cause.

The Indianapolis Colts are 8-6 on the year after a very rough start to the season.

Their defense leads the league in turnovers forced this season and their offense is really starting to kick it into high gear down the stretch.

Carson Wentz makes some boneheaded plays at times but Jonathan Taylor is the best running back in the league with Derrick Henry out for the rest of the season.

Everything seems to be clicking for the Colts right now, unlike the Arizona Cardinals. After a huge undefeated start to the season, Arizona is 10-4 now.

While it is still a phenomenal record, we really can’t ignore the past four or five games that they’ve played.

They didn’t look great even in the games they did win and are looking like the same Cardinals team that crumbled down the stretch last season.

Kyler Murray is an excellent quarterback and their offense and defense are loaded with talent, but a blowout loss to the Detroit Lions?

That shouldn’t ever happen unless you are an equally bad team that year, yet the Cardinals didn’t pay attention and weren’t able to get going whatsoever.

This matchup is really interesting, it’s going to be Murray’s arm against Taylor’s legs.

I really want to side with the Cardinals because I love their roster, but the Colts are a much hotter team at the moment and establishing a strong ground game has caused problems for the Cardinals.

Let’s go with the upset pick for once and take the Colts.

Pick: Indianapolis Colts

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Buffalo Bills @ New England Patriots

Best Picks for week 16 NFL Buffalo Bills

Let’s run this matchup back.

A few weeks ago, the Patriots were able to knock off Buffalo by only attempting three passes the entire game.

Granted, the winds and weather conditions were absolutely awful that night, which made it wildly difficult for either team to do much on offense.

Since then, Buffalo has won a game and New England has lost one.

Buffalo is the most inconsistent team in the league to me. One week they rally for a blowout win and the next they get dominated by a team like the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs are enough to get you a win, but they have to be committed to the run game, which they actually have been recently.

It’s that run defense that has thrown them off their game. If they can’t prepare for the rushing attack of New England, they might as well take the loss now.

The Patriots know that their pass attack isn’t the best in the league but they do understand that running the football is a recipe for success at this time of year.

Plus, when you have a defense as talented as the Patriots unit this season, then you can take a lot of time with the football and just leave it up to them to get you a win.

It all worked out for them last time, but division games usually don’t go the same way twice.

I think I’m rolling with the Bills for this matchup, they should be more motivated than ever before to take down their rivals and have to be more evenly matched if the weather conditions are pretty basic.

Pick: Buffalo Bills

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Miami Dolphins @ New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints NFL Picks

This is going to be a really fun matchup for both teams.

The Miami Dolphins started the year off with a 1-7 overall record.

Fast forward to this week and they are somehow at 7-7 on the year and just a game away from entering into the playoff picture.

Tua Tagovailoa and this Miami offense is pretty average to say the least. The run game hasn’t been all that efficient no matter who is back there and the pass game has had its ups and downs.

Though I have to say, Duke Johnson running wild for over 100 yards last week was a nice surprise.

The real strength of this roster is their defense and intensity. A group that is young and talented, they fly all over the field and play both the run and pass incredibly well.

That defensive dominance will cause issues for the Saints. They are missing practically everybody on that offense.

Michael Thomas, Jameis Winston, Adam Trautman and both their starting offensive tackles.

Taysom Hill has been good in the games that he’s played, but let’s be real he isn’t guaranteed to succeed against strong defenses.

He only scored nine points last week against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after all.

Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram have to get going or else Hill will be forced to throw the ball down the field.

Outside of Marquez Callaway, I don’t think any receiver on that team has caught a pass with Deonte Harris now suspended, another player that is out for them.

However, they win the same way that Miami does, by stellar defense.

New Orleans just shut out Tom Brady for the first time in 15 years behind a healthy unit.

They are great in the secondary, their linebackers play all over the field and their defensive line can get after pretty much anybody.

This is the number one ranked run defense in the NFL as well, which means that the Dolphins will seriously have to get some type of success through the air if they want to win the game.

I am so excited for how this game will end up panning out.

Due to how evenly matched they are and how similar their strengths are, I think it will end up boiling down too little things like the crowd noise or who receives the ball first.

New Orleans gets to play in the dome, a place that is always rambunctious no matter the opponent.

That should end up giving the Saints an advantage and potentially help them win this game.

Don’t be looking for high point totals on either side, best I can see is a 10-7 type of game at the most.

One that the Saints should be able to win, although never count out the Dolphins on this type of hot streak.

Pick: New Orleans Saints

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