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NFL MVP Race Four Players To Watch In 2017-2018

NFL MVP Race Four Players To Watch In 2017-2018

Latest NFL MVP Race Updates

NFL MVP 2017 Award Winner

A two-horse race for NFL MVP 2017 Award Winner

The NFL Most Valuable Player award has come down to a two-horse race. The New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is the front-runner for the trophy, but Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley has become a strong underdog for the NFL MVP 2017 Award…


NFL MVP 2017: Todd Gurley stakes his claim as NFL MVP candidate

The Pittsburgh Steelers NFL week 15 loss to the New England Patriots has all but ended wide receiver Antonio Brown's attempt to win the Most Valuable Player award. Brown went down with a “severe leg contusion”, and it is likely he will miss the final…

Tom Brady

NFL MVP Race: Is Antonio Brown a real contender?

The NFL MVP award might as well be called the NFL's Top Quarterback award. The trophy has been given to quarterbacks 14 times since the 2000 season. The last four winners have all been signal callers. There is a chance that the trend will continue…

Andrew Luck is Number 1 in the Top 20 Highest Paid Quarterbacks in NFL

2016 NFL MVP Award and Contenders

The 2016 NFL Season is in full swing after an exciting first week came to a conclusion with the Monday Night Double Header. Week 1 featured prime time performances from Drew Brees, Leonard Williams, DeAngelo Williams and A.J. Green to name just a few. Now…


When a few sportsbooks released their first odds for the winner of the 2017-2018 NFL MVP award, it was little surprise to see Tom Brady's name at the top of the list, at four-to-one (+400) odds. The NFL MVP race still has the New England Patriots quarterback continuing to spit in the face of Father Time and cement himself in the conversation of greatest ever.

NFL MVP Race – avoid the obvious and clean up with these Four Picks

But if you're looking to avoid the “easy” pick in the NFL MVP race, and want to lay some funds on someone who might not be quite as obvious a choice as Brady, we've provided four players who could very well end up being voted the Most Valuable Player in the NFL by season's end, and give you a fantastic return on your wagering investment: [toc]


JJ Watt, Houston Texans (+8000)

JJ Watt, Houston Texans is a value pick for the NFL MVP raceIt's amazing how quickly people have forgotten about JJ Watt. He was the singular most destructive defensive player in the entire NFL. Watt missed the majority of last season after aggravating the herniated disk which he previously had surgery on last summer. But, he's been cleared for football activities since February, and has vowed to come back better than ever. If there was ever a guy who could become the NFL's first defensive player to win the NFL MVP race since Lawrence Taylor, it's Watt. And at 80-to-1 odds to win the award, you could make a tremendous return by wagering on Watt's return.


Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+5500)

Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay Buccaneers our pick for the NFL MVP raceIf there was ever a wager in which you could invest just a little bit of money, with a very high potential to see a large return, this might would be it. Jameis Winston has shown a preternatural ability to transition from the college to the professional game as quickly as any young quarterback we've seen in recent memory. In just his second season in the league, he finished among the top 12 quarterbacks in passing yards and touchdowns. With the Buccaneers' addition of wide receiver DeSean Jackson in the offseason, Winston now has another lethal target to whom he can throw the football (in addition to wide receiver Mike Evans). The Buccaneers could be a breakthrough team in the NFC this year, which means Winston could very well being highly discussed among those who cast MVP ballots.


David Johnson, Arizona Cardinals (+3300)

David Johnson, Arizona Cardinals our NFL MVP race pickBecause of the Week 17 injury he sustained last season, as well as the emergence of rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott, it seems like running back David Johnson of the Arizona Cardinals didn't truly get credit for how dominant he was last season. He posted 15 straight games with at least 100 yards from scrimmage, matching the Lions' Barry Sanders (1997) for the longest single-season streak in NFL history. He finished the season with more than 2,100 combined yards from scrimmage, which was the most in the NFL by a substantial margin. Because of his run-catch capabilities, he absolutely has the potential to be the first running back to win the MVP award since Adrian Peterson did it in 2012. And at 33-to-1 odds, he's a great pick to make.


Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers (+700)

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers a 10/1 pick for the NFL MVP raceMatt Ryan might have had the best overall season of any quarterback in 2016-2017, but over the second half of the season, Aaron Rodgers might have reclaimed the championship belt for “most dangerous quarterback in the league.”

Even if you include the Packers humiliating defeat to the upstart Tennessee Titans, and getting totally destroyed by the Washington Redskins the following week, Rodgers averaged just under 299 yards passing per game, threw 20 touchdowns, and was only picked off two times (he didn't throw a single interception in the Packers' last seven regular season games). In the opening round of the playoffs, he ruthlessly slaughtered the over-hyped defense of the New York Giants, dropping 362 yards passing and four touchdowns — along with zero interceptions, again — en route to a 38-13 drubbing. One week after that, he was responsible for that inhumanly accurate 36-yard throw to Jared Cook.

With wide receiver Jordy Nelson rounding back into his pre-injury form, the emergence of wide receiver Davante Adams, and the free agent acquisition of Martellus Bennett, it wouldn't be any surprise to see Rodgers go on a tear throughout this upcoming season.

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  1. Strange but every player on this list of 5 for the MVP has been injured leaving only Brady as the odds o. Favorite until at least the media decides again that they don’t want Brady as the MVP despite his earning it. Currently they have a mid pack QB as their top choice on the sole basis of his teams winning record despite his stats not measuring up. What happens when his team loses a game? Will they try and give it to Peyton again because the Colts are so bad without him. Anything in the planning to avoid giving it to the clear cut deserving Brady? Last two years the media gave it to a Newton over Abrady despite having almost a thousand fewer passing yards, completion rate below 60% and a TD to Interception Ratio that was far lower.
    Last year despite Brady breaking NFL All-Time Records with a 14 Ratio for TD to Interceptions and having a win percentage of .917, the media gave the award to Ryan who had a win percentage of .6875 and four more losses also having a TD to Interception Ratio only one third as good as Brady’s. Can’t wait to see what nonsense the media comes up with again this year to stealthy third MVP in a row from Brady.
    Anyone else notice that the same corrupt media guys that vote on the MVP are the same guys who tried to frame Brady and sided with Goodell even after dozens of PhD Scientists proved that it was Goodell and not Brady that was doing the cheating?

    1. Yup think we all noticed. NFL, Media, ESPN are all organizations that lack honesty and integrity.
      Probably why all are in decline and will suffer for their actions. They are just too slow and stupid to realize it.

    2. Not one of these players listed above are even close to be in the MVP race who the hell is making these list. Here is a good list 1. Tom Brady 2.Carson Wentz 3.Todd Gurley 4.Antonio Brown 5.Case Keenum I could make a case for all those above but the truth is Tom Brady is the leader right now in every poll. I swear they are holding his superbowl victories against him like he wins to much. Well i am sick of everybody should get a trophy crap and letting it spread to pro sports is and insult to the fans. The MVP as of week 15 is Tom Brady and the fact he has done so much at age 40 on top of it should shut up the haters.

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