The Top 7 Best Online Sportsbooks

August 31, 2016
Best Online Sportsbooks

Updated: September 21, 2023

Best of the Bets: The Top 7 Best Online Sportsbooks.

Online Sportbooks are mainstream avenues for sports wagers. Their accessibility and convenience made them a sought-after in the industry of sports betting. Among the scads of online sportsbooks, it is of great benefit to know what sites are well-rounded, prompt, affordable, informative, and customer-friendly to ensure customers’ protection and a fair game between both parties. Let us present our top 7 best online Sportsbooks.

Best Online Sportsbooks for US Players

Here are the best online sportsbooks according to many popular sports reviews. Take note that the sportsbooks are in no particular order as the quality of Sportsbooks may depend on the sports and the customer’s own preferences:

1. a US SportsbookSportsbetting, in Panama is one of the sites acquired by the BetOnline company group in June 2012. Aside from original features of its sister site, the site also offers live betting for selected sports each day, horse betting services, digital and live casino, poker, and other skill games. A 25% free play for every deposit is guaranteed for the customer’s lifetime account. What set apart Sportsbetting from others are features such as nil-nil soccer rebates, aggressive bonus programs, and informative section where wagers can gather the latest news, statistics, matchups, and picks. The site can also be accessed by logging in through mobile devices without the hassle of downloading of any application.

Minimum Deposit: $50
Minimum Internet Bet: $1

2. Bovada

Best Online Sportsbooks UsaAlthough limited to US customers, this site tops most of the sportbooks reviews and is branded as one of the most reliable and credible betting sites. It features a welcome bonus equivalent to 50% of the customer’s deposit and can reach up to $250 available to any type of bet. Its features cover multiple incentives for both old and new wagers and top of the line customer service. For slots bonus, 100% up to $500 are offered and 100% table games bonus up to $250. Lines are available for sports of all sorts, and for wagers of vast types. Other features include online casino and an entertaining poker room. Apart from its great promotions, it is known to be fair and legitimate. Services include quick payout systems allowing credit card deposits, bank transfer, and eWallet solutions.

Minimum Deposit: $20
Minimum Internet Bet: $1

3. BetOnline

Best Online Sportsbooks UsaBetOnline, situated in Panama is one of the biggest names in the betting industry and has been operating since 2001. It may not attract beginners at first because its ultimate goal is getting customers for keeps- a long term relationship awaits as well as stunning privileges for loyal wagers. A lifetime guaranteed 25% bonus is given to all qualifying deposits. It is open to wagers across the globe and caters to all sporting events. Aside from the good track record when it comes to payouts, their customer service is of high quality- prioritizing it more than its sales. Their staff is of good disposition and right attitude. This site is definitely a choice for both new and experienced customers particularly for high wagering limits and re-bet options.

Minimum Deposit: $50
Minimum Internet Bet: $1

4. GTbets

Established in 2011 and domiciled in Curacao, the site is just starting to capitalize from its reputation. It offers betting services for major sporting events, and caters to US customers and selected countries. Aside from being an easy to understand and user-friendly site, signing up would take less than 5 minutes due to its easy registration process. It attracts beginners by coming up with two initial deposit sign up options: (1) 100% bonus up to $250 and (2) 50% cash bonus up to $500. Positive feedbacks are mainly due to versatile options for deposits and withdrawal and a unique system of cashing out bonus that are dependent on the points accumulated by the customer’s wagering amount.

Minimum Deposit: $35
Minimum Internet Bet: $1

5. BookMaker

Bookmaker is a perfect find for professional and sophisticated players that it accommodates $5,000 bets on a regular basis. The site, however, also caters to recreational players and customers can win limitless with consistent payouts. Bookmaker has been one of the pioneers and highly respected wagering sites in so far as the betting industry is concerned. Unless Bookmaker has released its own numbers, other betting sites would cringe up in determining theirs.

Minimum Deposit: £10.00
Minimum Internet Bet: £100.00

6. 5Dimes

5Dimes, located in San Jose, Costa Rica, is one of the duly-recognized betting sites and has been up in the online business for a decade. Options for betting are close to boundless- straights, totals, parlays, teasers, open parlays, open teasers, and progressive parlays are just a portion of this far-reaching feature. This betting service is definitely a game changer among other online sportsbooks. It also has a minimum deposit of only $50 and an online deposit of only $0.50 making it a beginner-friendly and recreational-friendly site. Also, 5Dimes is known to post the earliest odds- even before other sites can post theirs.

Minimum Deposit: $50
Minimum Internet Bet: $0.50

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