Bruce Arians Cleveland Browns

Odds Stacked Against Bruce Arians Coaching Browns in 2019

Over the weekend, Bruce Arians said that the only team he would come out of retirement for is the Cleveland Browns Bovada has a prop on whether or not Arians will coach the Browns in 2019 Will it be Arians or someone else leading Cleveland…

Detroit Lions


Detroit Lions fans think they actually have something. The savior of the franchise is none other than New England Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia. The bearded rocket scientist – yes, he has a degree in aeronautical engineering – is set to become the Lions new…

Chip Kelly – UCLA or Florida

Chip Kelly – UCLA or Florida?

You kind of figured that someday Chip Kelly, former head coach at Oregon, would make his way back to college football. It was 2012 when Kelly left the Ducks and took his trade to the National Football League. In a matter of weeks, he will…

6 NFL Coaches on the Hot Seat for the 2017/18 Season

6 NFL Coaches on the Hot Seat for the 2017/18 Season

If there is one constant in the National Football League, it is change. At the end of the 2017 season or possibly even before, there will be an NFL head coach who will find himself without a job. It is inevitable. There were five head…

Next NFL Head Coaching Candidates

Next NFL Head Coaching Candidates

In the high stakes of professional football, there is a win-now mentality that hovers over every head coach in the league. Win now or you’re out. When teams falter, and teams will fail, head coaches are cast aside like the trash at your backyard barbecue….