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Cleveland Browns

Tyrod Taylor and Baker Mayfield have a secret Browns-QB-only clubhouse … in an RV

The Browns quarterbacks seem to be getting along just fine. Quarterback battles in training camp can be an awkward thing, but Tyrod Taylor and Baker Mayfield have seemingly approached their competition with the Cleveland Browns with perfect attitudes. So much so, that they reportedly have…

Sean M. Haffey

NFL POWER RANKINGS: Where all 32 teams stand going into training camp

Sean M. Haffey/Getty The NFL is back! After a long offseason that perhaps saw more attention being given to league policies than on-field storylines, NFL teams are trickling back to training camp, with the first preseason game just ten days away. At the beginning of last…

Chiefs vs Rams

After Miami Dolphins try to punish protesting players, NFL rethinks its anthem protest policy

Almost two years after former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick began his protest of police brutality during the playing of the national anthem, the NFL is still busy trying to punish black players for doing the same thing. Instead of worrying about its declining viewership or…

Top NFL Rookies in 2017

Top 10 NFL Rookies of All-Time

 In honor of Ezekiel Elliot’s impressive NFL rookie campaign, I will be counting down the top 10 NFL rookies ever. Not only did they win the rookie of the year, but they were considered one of the best players in the NFL after only…