Tyrod Taylor and Baker Mayfield have a secret Browns-QB-only clubhouse … in an RV

July 28, 2018
Cleveland Browns

Updated: February 21, 2024

Cleveland Browns

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The Browns quarterbacks seem to be getting along just fine.

Quarterback battles in training camp can be an awkward thing, but Tyrod Taylor and Baker Mayfield have seemingly approached their competition with the Cleveland Browns with perfect attitudes.

So much so, that they reportedly have an RV at training camp in Cleveland thats serving as a quarterback-only top secret clubhouse.

Browns quarterbacks Tyrod Taylor and Baker Mayfield have acquired an RV and parked it here on the premises for training camp so they can have a top secret clubhouse. Only QBs allowed inside for now and no name yet. They wont tell me what goes on inside.

Dianna Russini (@diannaESPN) July 26, 2018

Uhh … hell yeah.

Maybe well get a look inside the RV during HBOs Hard Knocks, which is covering the Browns this year and premieres Aug. 7, but its almost more fun to imagine what the inside of the secret clubhouse could be.

An Oklahoma teammate of Mayfield said the quarterback almost quit football in high school to play video games professionally. So maybe its just a gamers den. Mayfield is definitely a Fortnite fan and recently tweeted a picture with streamer Ninja.

Or perhaps something nefarious is going on in there, like Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. Breaking Browns, anyone?

The best case scenario is that Taylor and Mayfield are in there co-parenting Barker Mayfield.

Everyone meet Barker Mayfield, a nine-week old spaniel mix!Always been considered the underdog – shes looking to find her furrrever home in Cleveland Find her and more puppies up for adoption at our #BrownsCamp Puppy Pound! pic.twitter.com/tSzeKECCpM

Cleveland Browns (@Browns) July 26, 2018

We dont know yet if the other two quarterbacks on the roster, Drew Stanton and Brogan Roback (thats a real person, I promise), are invited to the secret clubhouse. They probably are, and its probably just something boring like a mini film room for quarterbacks to talk quarterback things.

If nothing else, it shows that Mayfield and Taylor are getting along just fine. Considering their competition really isnt much of a competition at all, thats not too surprising.

This is Tyrod Taylors team, Browns general manager John Dorsey said at a press conference Wednesday. Hes taken a team to the playoffs and he has demonstrated that you know what? hes our starter.

Still a lot of veteran quarterbacks wouldnt feel comfortable with a No. 1 overall pick gunning for their job. The Browns seem to have a good situation going for them.

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