NFL Videos 19-06-2019

Ep. 1: Lions, Texans, & Turkeys, Oh My! (2012 – Full Show) | NFL Rush Zone: Season of the Guardians

A new villain named Wild Card declares all-out war on RZ, the NFL, and the World, Guardian Ish must head to Detroit to save the Thanksgiving Day game. source

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NFL Videos 26-03-2019

Eagles propose changes to NFL's Thanksgiving schedule

Eagles send a proposal to the lead suggesting a change to the annual Thanksgiving games. source

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NFL Videos 21-03-2019

The Worst Thanksgiving NFL Game: 2012 – Episode 7

Football has grown to be as big a part of Thanksgiving as eating turkey or your Uncle Frank getting belligerently drunk. But in 2012, we got a travesty of a game … source

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NFL Betting Sites 23-11-2018

Week 12 Thanksgiving Thursday Night Football Props: Falcons vs Saints

NFC South rivals Atlanta and New Orleans renew hostilities on Thanksgiving. Perhaps unwisely, we’re stepping right in front of the Saints’ high-flying offense when it comes to this week’s props.  We’re also banking on Atlanta’s pass rush remaining a very stoppable force.  Our Week 11 plays resulted in a -$162.96 loss, our first losing week […]

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