Super Bowl Futures

November 28, 2016
Ravens look good for a punt in the Super Bowl Futures market

Updated: February 20, 2024

The updates of the super bowl futures every week becomes a bit mundane. The Patriots are not budging on the odds board top. While the ship of the Cowboys and the Seahawks has already sailed on a significant value. It is recommended to wait for placing a bet on the different teams till the playoffs get started. For the time being, one should take a look at the board to see the teams which are providing the best value.


The best bargains in the Super Bowl Futures – Redskins and Ravens

Based on the recent performances of some teams of the Super Bowl, one can offer their bucks for the best bang. The team that has been widely selected from the NFC is Washington Redskins at +4000. While from AFC, it is the Baltimore Ravens at +5000 and they are offering the best value for betting. The Redskins are termed to be “dangerous” due to their unrelenting offense which becomes stronger with the game moving forward. They have the fourth position in the ranking of the league. They are leading the NFL with their performance in the last three games. The entry of Robert Kelley has provided the team with a brand new weapon for balancing the offense.

On the other side, Washington goes on to be undervalued for the past few weeks and for backing that up, the team has got a straight up record of 8-1-1 in the last 10 games it had played.  It is quite simple that with a 40-1, they provide the best value for betting on the board.

The Dolphins (+6600) had been edged out by the Ravens in the AFC and provide the best value for betting. This is because; they will either have the opportunity to win the NFC North or will reach out for Miami for the division championship. The opening of the season saw the three wins of the Ravens but they dropped the next four games. But with the two wins during their last three games, they seem to be going back to their position as before. The Ravens have been quite competitive for every loss they have made this season.

For minimizing the risks for placing the super bowl futures bet on the teams like Cowboys, Seahawks, and Patriots, it is recommended to wait till the playoffs get started. But one should not actually wait while betting on the team of Ravens as it can dramatically cut the value that they are offering currently. Hence, if one is looking forward to cashing in on a long shot of the Super Bowl, these are actually the best option for the AFC.

The best bargains that are being made are surely on the Ravens and the Redskins. At the same time, it should also be noted that the divisional rivals are actually competing with the Board’s two biggest ripoffs. It is the Steelers who have got an identical record with the team of Ravens that is 5-5. Coming next is the New York Giants who had lost to the Redskins earlier and is also one position ahead of the Washington.


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