Current Super Bowl Odds

Current Super Bowl Odds

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The rankings for the current super bowl odds are never tabulated in a scientific manner for a long time. But the Green Bay Packers have never been in such a position in the era of Aaron Rodgers. Even in the year 2013, with Rodgers being hurt, their lowest position was 5-6-1.  It was Week 13 when it was a big long shot for the Packers for making the playoffs. Being at 4-6 this season and also trailing the Minnesota Vikings and the Detroit Lions almost by two games and have sunk lower.

The plight of the Packers is reflected by the current super bowl odds. Even their defense against the Kirk Cousins looked extremely terrible. The same followed on Sunday as they fell to the Washington Redskins 80-1. For the franchise, it is an unheard number and especially under the ones like McCarthy, Rodgers and Ted Thompson. It does make sense as Rodgers had been looking good for the last few weeks and things were being figured out by the offense. But probably, the defense will not get better.

According to many, the Packers are actually a sort of nice price. They are almost broken and they have lost the look of a contender. But in the upcoming schedules, they have two games which they are capable of winning (Chicago and Houston). Besides these, they also have the matchups for the final two weeks against Detroit and Minnesota. No one would bet easily that without a man like Rodgers there would be any hope along with the defense.

Current Super Bowl Odds of some of the teams-

New England Patriots – +230

Dallas Cowboys –          +550

Seattle Seahawks –        +625

Detroit Lions –              +4000

Green Bay Packers –    + 2500

Minnesota Vikings –    + 4000

New York Giants –      +2500

Denver Broncos-         +1600

Miami Dolphins-         +7500

After a start of 0-2, the Redskins have a great position to land in a spot of the playoffs. They have the three consecutive games with Dallas starting on Thanksgiving. But it is also true that they are not having an easy schedule down the line to play against the teams having winning records. The unrelenting offense of the Redskins makes them dangerous and with the pace of every game, they become stronger and stronger. The Seahawks had a huge win over the Patriots in Week 10 and their odds that went from +800 to +625 will shrink in the weeks to come.

The best bargains will mostly happen with the teams of Redskins and Ravens as their competition goes with two of the board’s biggest rip-offs. The Steelers have identical records with the Ravens of 5-5 but for winning the Super Bowl they are having the odds at the fifth best of +1400. The New York Giants come right behind with +2000. The odds do not make any sense for the Giants and the Steelers. The odds of the Dallas Cowboys for winning the Super Bowl now sit at +800.

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