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Former NFL Kicker Jay Feely Gets DRAGGED On Twitter After Sharing Photo Holding Gun Next To His Daughter’s Prom Date

You didn't really think this one through, did ya, Jay Feely?

The former NFL kicker and sometimes TV football commentator showed a picture on his Twitter account this weekend depicting his daughter and her high school boyfriend on their way to prom… with Jay in the middle of the pair holding a gun.

Uhhhhhh… WTF?!

Social media went up in arms over this tweeted picture (below):

Wishing my beautiful daughter and her date a great time at prom #BadBoys
Jay Feely (@jayfeely) April 22, 2018

Dude… seriously?!

Isn't that kind of, ya know, tone deaf??

Hours later, Feely responded with an apology and an explanation, after being absolutely DRAGGED on social media for the pic (below):

The prom picture I posted was obviously intended to be a joke. My Daughter has dated her boyfriend for over a year and they knew I was joking.
I take gun safety seriously (the gun was not loaded and had no clip in) and I did not intend to be insensitive to that important issue
Jay Feely (@jayfeely) April 22, 2018

But the damage was pretty much done.

As you can see (below), people were NOT feeling Feely here, even with the Bad Boys reference in the gun tweet:

I mean, we get the reference, but this was terribly out of touch with gun safety. And out of touch with not making that picture and night about you.
Siege (@ourdailyquest) April 22, 2018

Can you imagine seeing these pix of your son for the first time? Omg I would call the cops on that guy!
Lorianne Gilmore (Cyanide) (@SipsOfCyanide) April 22, 2018

Is threatening to injure or out-and-out murder a teenager what you consider responsible gun ownership?
(An)T(h)ony In HTX (@anthonytx42) April 22, 2018

Let's see…Daddy poses for a photo by standing between daughter and her date, while holding a hand gun!? The clear message is what? That you own a gun? You make a strong case that MANY GUN OWNERS SHOULD NOT OWN A GUN!! Totally irresponsible.
Wayenin (@WeCU12) April 22, 2018

Dont worry, kid. Hell miss wide right.
Bob Boyd (@bobboyd22) April 22, 2018

Poor humour given the violence level in the USA
Adam (@acmontreal514) April 22, 2018

HAHAHAHAHA! He threatened to murder someone because hes uncomfortable with sex. Hahahahaha!!! Wait. Wtf is wrong with you?
DI$ARM the NRA (@Trumpalump) April 22, 2018

Cool to know if your daughter has any self agency youll shoot her boyfriend.
Ally Maynard (@missmayn) April 22, 2018
Guerrilla Mindset (@JackDexterity) April 22, 2018

Shame on you. You are NOT a responsible gun owner. Guns are not a joke. That is NOT funny. In front of children!!! Shame!!! @MomsDemand @physicianwomen @shannonrwatts @davidhogg111 @Emma4Change @choo_ek
Beth (@lonestarhusker) April 22, 2018


Not a great move, Jay!

Got any more jokes you wanna try out on us??

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