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The Bodog sportsbook is extremely popular anywhere sports fans lurk.

The reason for this is the flexible features of this sports booking and betting website.

Bodog sportsbook has become known all over the world since the brand’s introduction in 1994. This is in large part, of course, to the Canadian entrepreneur that was basically made a rich man by this business — Calvin Ayre.

Bodog Sportsbook Review

Bodog Sportsbook Sign up Bonus

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Ayre was known as the rugged bad boy among billionaires.

The fact that he was a bad boy made it seem like small wonder how he came up with something such as the Bodog sportsbook.

This enabled sports bettors to engage in their sports betting hobby in a more convenient manner.

Nonetheless, it was how he managed to make the business reach such heights that was impressive.

To think it was deemed impossible by some conventional entrepreneurs way back. The reason the business clicked is that it dwelled on what many considered unnecessary but is actually a popular subject of human interest — gambling.

Bodog sportsbook has always had a very popular refer-a-friend program.

This can be directly attributed to the high quality of customer service the sportsbook provides. In an industry where credibility is king, and ‘word of mouth' advertising is extremely important, the players are integral to spreading the word about the quality of the Bodog brand.

Bodog Not just NFL

The Bodog sportsbook is just one of the many features of the Bodog brand.

Ayre’s company mainly focuses on online gambling but is actually a very broad brand of entertainment that includes TV productions, music production, and even sales monitoring.

Whether it is about guessing on odds on poker, basketball, or football championships, or making up mock mixed martial arts events such as the Bodog Fight, Bodog seems to have something for everyone.

Why NFL Junkies Bet at Bodog Sportsbook

One main reason Bodog is tops on the lists of NFL betting junkies is its user friendly interface.

It has a lot of futures and props. The bonuses are also worth availing.

One can even bet through their mobile gadgets by just going to the Bodog website.

This has been developed to support both Android and Apple devices.

There is also the option here of betting on live games, with as low as a dollar per bet. For issues regarding the site, one can depend on their customer support that is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

The Problems

Bodog sportsbook does not accept applications from players from the US.

A problem sports bettors usually encounter and are even surprised with is this situation. (US players can visit the sister brand to get around this).

This is apparently because some federal laws do not allow the access of Bodog’s features in the country.

In fact, way back, the website’s domain name has been the subject of a federal court case in the U S, with the alleged patent troll First Technology, LLC. But eventually, the case was resolved in 2009.

Bodog became inactive again with US bettors due to the termination of a deal in 2011, and then a seizure by Immigration and Customs Enforcement the following year.

This is basically why Bodog no longer services clients from the United States.

However, Bodog is very active in Europe and in Africa, which forces some sports betting fans from the US to try to acquire at least a European IP address to be able to bet on the site.

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