3 Best Recommended NFL Betting Reddit Sites — Top Tips by Readers

Getting the most out of your NFL betting exploits is easier said than done. Like any professional sports league, many factors contribute to an NFL team's win.

Luckily, Reddit NFL betting is a huge community of avid bettors ready and waiting to help others turn a profit by making well-informed bet decisions. Non-Redditors are quick to dismiss the platform's threads, but the punters truly know what they're talking about. 

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 Below, we've compiled all the best advice and NFL betting tips Reddit users have to offer, including the top-rated bookies!

About Reddit NFL Betting

NFL Betting Reddit Sites
NFL Betting Reddit Sites

R/sportsbook is the subreddit for sports bettors. However, the community has decided to make it more specific, splitting it off into further subreddits for various sports, including the National Football League. After all, you shouldn't be betting randomly on all sports — pick your favorite and become an expert.

As you can assume, the NLF betting tips Reddit we cover here have come from some of the many, many dedicated subreddits. Thus, you can rest easy knowing you're getting the best advice.

If you regularly bet on NFL games, you should absolutely join Reddit. Users often provide updated information on injury reports, training camps, and more to ensure you always bet wisely.

The 3 Best NFL Betting Reddit Sites

As NFL betting tips Reddit suggests, there are three standout online sportsbooks for those who want the best lines, markets, promotions, and a variety of banking options.

We'll go over the top three (BetOnline, Bovada, and MyBookie) below in no particular order:

#1 BetOnline

BetOnline is a privately held company founded in 1991, acquiring SportsBetting.ag in May 2012.

The sportsbook offers a mind-blowing number of banking options, ensuring everybody can find a method that suits them. Plus, they run next-level welcome bonuses for new customers while also providing great promotions for returning bettors. 

However, the main reason NFL Reddit gamblers love it is the bookie's close-to-Vegas lines. 

The Pros

  • Lines are close to Vegas (pretty much the same most of the time)
  • Accepts Bitcoin and Litecoin
  • Quick deposits and withdrawals with Bitcoin
  • Live chat customer service works wonderfully
  • Provides phone support alongside the live chat
  • Fun prop bets
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • Accepts customers from all 50 US states
  • Been in business for over 20 years
  • Can access casino games and poker with your sports betting account
  • Great promotions for existing customers

The Cons

  • Rollover amounts are pretty high
  • Tend to have poorer lines compared to other NFL betting Reddit sites
  • Banking fees can be high

#2 Bovada

Bovada is one of the most often recommended NFL betting sites on Reddit — users can't get enough of it!

The sportsbook sets the standard for customer service. There is yet to be an issue they can't solve. 

While the lines used to be way off, the last four years have seen them align with other bookies in that department. 

The Pros

  • Superb interface
  • More than 30,000 daily markets
  • Brilliant specials for NFL
  • Can access poker and the casino from your sportsbook account
  • Stellar customer service
  • Bitcoins users get extra bonuses
  • The loyalty program is fantastic
  • A well-established brand within the betting industry

The Cons

  • Only available inside the United States of America
  • Some states are restricted 
  • Live betting isn't available for all big-league games

#3 MyBookie

MyBookie has been up and running for over seven years, and most users (including NFL betting Reddit gamblers) haven't had any issues with the site. 

While it doesn't have the most comprehensive range of banking options, it offers the country's most-loved methods (Visa, Mastercard, cryptocurrencies, and bank wire).

As for promotions, you can expect great ones for both new and existing customers.

The Pros

  • Perfectly legal for United States of America customers
  • Withdrawal limit of $5,000
  • You get a $1,000 welcome bonus as a sports bettor
  • Accepts various cryptocurrencies
  • Payouts within one to three days

The Cons

  • Non-recreational betters are prohibited
  • Access to phone or live chat can only be done if you have an account

9 Top Tips for NFL Betting Reddit

Now you have the best three bookies for NFL betting Reddit, it's time to listen and learn from the community. After perusing these top nine tips, you will be more than ready to tackle the NFL betting game like a pro. 

#1 Never Bet Randomly

Betting randomly (i.e., without doing research or having a pre-defined strategy) on live NFL games is a no-go. Even if you feel like you know the outcome, the unexpected often occurs, rapidly derailing any likelihood of winning the bet.

Nobody can predict the future. However, conducting solid research gives you the best possible chance. 

#2 Don't Like the Spread? Take the Moneyline Bet

Yes, the idea of a huge payout from a spread puts dollar signs in your eyes. However, that doesn't mean it's always the best option. 

While some bettors choose not to bet at all if they don't like the spread, you should take the moneyline instead, according to NFL betting tips Reddit. 

#3 Check Weather Reports

Most people go straight to check whether it will rain or snow. That's great, but it doesn't affect the scoring nearly as much as the wind. 

Blustering conditions can derail an NFL game quicker than rain or snow alone. Why? Because it massively impacts handling, and changing wind direction can throw a ball way off course, regardless of the players' abilities. 

#4 Consider Home Dogs and Undervalued Teams

As per Reddit NFL bettors, undervalued teams often bring great value in moneyline and points bets. However, you should also consider the home-team advantage before instantly favoring underdogs. 

Typically, those playing on their home turf have an edge — they know the grounds, after all. And this is especially prevalent when they're playing against overhyped teams. 

#5 Start Small or With Fake Money 

You can find apps that allow you to bet with fake money to see how you'll fare before putting in your hard-earned cash. 

But if you want to get going right away, always start with small bets. Most NFL betting tips Reddit suggest sticking to $1 to $5 bets at first so you get a feel for how wins and losses impact your profits (or lack of). 

#6 Check the Lines Every Day

Waiting until Saturday night or Sunday morning to place your bets isn't the best option. At this point, most of the value has gone. 

Therefore, you should check the lines every single day (preferably multiple times), so you can strike while the iron is hottest.

#7 Don't Over-Analyze Every Team

Many newbie NFL bettors try to analyze every team. But it's simply impossible to know all teams well. 

So, stick to getting to know a few teams well (strengths and weaknesses). That way, you are in a much better position to place accurate bets. 

#8 Look at Injury Reports

Granted, some bettors overreact after reading injury reports. However, they are still important to consider.

When betting on the NFL, you should focus on injuries to defenders.

#9 Make Your Own Model

Research and personal opinion are great for NFL betting, provided you have an intimate understanding of the game and teams.

However, NFL betting Reddit works best with your own model — a system that identifies unbiased picks to predict outcomes in a particular game accurately. It may sound complicated, but as this Reddit thread will show you, it's easier than it appears. 

The Bottom Line

Redditors have spoken — MyBookie, Bovada, and BetOnline are the top three NFL betting Reddit sites. But to get the most out of your gambling time, you should follow the top nine tips left by avid National Football League bettors on Reddit.

From analyzing injury reports to checking the lines every day to making your own model, the tips and tricks will work wonders to help you reap the monetary rewards.