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Top NFL Betting Tips

NFL Betting GameMore people wager on NFL betting games than on any other US sport.

NFL betting is one of the easiest sports to win bets and make money betting on. It’s also the sport that most individuals lose wagers and money. In order to make sure you are winning wagers consistently, you need to make sure you are following a great betting strategy. Read on to find out how you can win more by following our great NFL betting tips and suggestions.


NFL Betting Strategies

If you are planning to bet on the NFL to make money you need to have a betting strategy that works. Here are some  NFL betting tips and strategies that work:

Money/Bankroll management

Use this Strategies for your NFL Betting onlineWhen you are betting on the NFL season you’ll want to set aside a certain amount of money to bet with that you are willing to lose; this amount is known as “bankroll”. It’s advisable to either make a weekly bankroll, a monthly bankroll, or a full season bankroll.

For example, you may be willing to lose £1000. A good betting strategy is to only use 2-5% of your bankroll for each bet. In this example you will be able to make £20-£50 bets on each game you bet. You can use 5% for your favourite teams and 2% for smaller plays.

Weekly Edge Punts

Look for weekly edges- Do not bet on every game (or close to) in the NFL each week. This is a recipe for disaster. To be a winning NFL gambler you need to find edges and capitalize on them. Don’t force bets because you want to make the NFL games more interesting. If you want to make money find a good plays each weekend and bet on them with 2-5% of your bankroll like stated above.

Line shopping

In order to have the best chance of making profit you will need to make sure you do a little bit of “line shopping”. Line shopping is checking a few different bookmakers and comparing the lines on the plays you like.

It’s advisable that you sign up at 3-4 of the best NFL bookmakers and compare the lines on each before placing a bet. This strategy can help you win a few extra bets.

Bet Sober

This may seem obvious, but there are thousands of punters who don’t follow this week in and week out during the NFL season. It’s not a coincidence that some casinos offer gamblers free alcohol drinks. Drinking will affect your judgement negatively. Save the drinks for when the games start and you are done placing bets.

Don’t tilt

Everyone losses. Even the best NFL bettors lose bets 40% most of the time. Do not allow your emotions to get the best of you. Some punters may take a few bad losses and start to make very poor betting decisions as their emotions have taken over. It’s important to have a clear when placing your bets. If you feel like you are on tilt go for a walk or do something to calm down and don’t play until you’re back to your normal state of mind.

How NFL Betting Works

nfl-live-wagering-2NFL games are popular because most of the games happen on one day. This gives the punters an action filled day by being able to place and collect on all the wagers within a time frame of twelve hours. NFL is also a popular sport to bet on because of the fact of the two tiers of gambling. This means that there are a chunk of early afternoon matches followed by late afternoon matches. This allows punters to either make back some of the money that was lost earlier in the day or make more money if the day started very profitable for them.

The Three Types of NFL Wager

Online NFL betting has many different variations on which the bettor can make money. There are 3 types of wagers that can be made on a single line bet, the under/over wager, and the most popular spread bet.

1. Money Line Wager

The money line wager is simply picking the team that you think will win the match. It does not matter if the team you pick wins by one point or ten points you will be paid the same amount no matter what.

2. Under/Over Wager

The under/over wager is a very simple sports wager which most of the time pays the same no matter which side you choose. In the under/over bet, the bookmaker will give a combined point total for a NFL match and you, the gambler, decide whether the two teams would go under or over that number. This is a very simple wager for any gambler to make and it can also be very interesting.

3. Spread Bet

The spread bet is the most popular NFL bet. The spread bet means that you bet on teams, loser or winner, and hope they cover the amount of points assigned to them.

NFL Betting Trends

It doesn’t matter if you have been betting on NFL for some years or you are new to betting on NFL, paying attention to NFL trends can be the difference between success and failure. With NFL betting trends, you can learn more about match ups between two teams over the past seasons, as well as general information.

You will also find other info related to each game including injuries, odds, previews, and much more.

Betting Techniques Based on NFL Betting Trends

To look for value in the NFL sports betting market, professional handicappers monitor NFL betting trends and use them as betting tools. Through these trends, you will have an idea as to which NFL teams the public is following, and which ones they are pounding. This article covers two simple betting techniques that use information from betting trends to create reliable winning results.

Reverse Line Movement

This betting strategy finds betting line (Moneyline, Spread, or Over/Under) movements that go against the betting percentages. This means that a majority of sports bets is for one team but the betting line moves in the other direction.

Take a look at an example below:

Team A -16
Team B +16

Now, the betting trends say that 75% of the bets placed are on Team A. However, instead of rising, the line moves against them, so Team A drops to -15. This indicates that huge bets, called “smart money,” placed by an individual have come in on Team B. If you want to take advantage of this, you would look for a sportsbook that offers Team B +16 and place a bet right away. This technique is massively successful, but you need quick timing and patience to use it effectively.

Betting Against the Public

Contrarian Betting or Betting Against the Public is one of the most common and easiest ways to win a bet using the data from NFL betting trends. When the majority of sports bettors place their bets on a certain team, you would go against the public and bet on the other team. The idea behind this betting strategy is that the public could be easily persuaded by the media and is likely wrong most of the time. So, when the public is more loaded up on one team, the “smart” bettor takes on the other team and bets against them.

This betting strategy consistently works over the course of time for a very simple reason: if the public generally bets on a favorite to win, sportsbooks will have a hard time keeping their business in operation. Sportsbooks set their betting lines in such a way to receive the same public action on both sides. Since they know what the public is doing, they could even make one side seem too good to be true.

Once the public pounds the popular side, the sportsbook often emerges as the winner. So, smart bettors make sure they are on the side where the sportsbook is favoring from the beginning.


No kind of NFL betting strategy or NFL betting trends go on for eternity because of the possibility that the market would change in the long run, but betting against the public looks like the one strategy that would stand the test of time and remain successful to a certain level. Sportsbooks are always aware which side most of the public is betting on, and sharp bettors can often pick up on this by projecting line moves and betting based on where they could find value.