You Can Bet Which Side Cris Collinsworth Will Slide in On Week 17 SNF

December 31, 2018

Updated: February 21, 2024

  • SNF color commentator Cris Collinsworth shocked the world when he slid in from the left side of the screen
  • He went back to the right side in Week 16
  • See the odds on which side he'll enter from in Week 17

Regardless of how you feel about Cris Collinsworth's commentary during NBC's Sunday Night Football, there's no denying his slide-ins to start the broadcast are absolutely legendary.

His entrances garnered so much buzz that he even caught word of his trend of sliding in from the right, and did the unthinkable in Week 15. He slid in from the left!

But Collinsworth went back to what felt right in Week 16, entering from the right side.

Ahead of Week 17, the online sports betting site MyBookie is even offering some action on which side Collinsworth will enter from.

Odds on Which Side Collinsworth Enters SNF Broadcast From

Side of Frame Collinsworth Slide HappensOdds at
Left Side+130
Right Side-160

*Odds taken 12/30

It should come as no surprise the odds favor Collinsworth sticking to what he's comfortable with: the right side.

The former Bengals wide receiver has made a living off entering from the right. He already stirred up the football world in Week 15 by switching it up, and you could tell he didn't love it.

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The right side of his head looked a little more grey and it just didn't look natural.

But listen to this: when he did switch it up, the game was between the Philadelphia Eagles and Los Angeles Rams. Nick Foles, the Eagles backup, was starting his third game of the season for Philly.

Tonight, when the Colts take on the Titans, Blaine Gabbert, the Titans backup, will start his third game for Tennessee this season …

Don't overthink this one. Collinsworth and NBC had their fun already. Take the easy money on the right side.

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