Odds Still Heavily Against Eagles Keeping Nick Foles After Beating Bears

  • Does Nick Foles deserve to be the Eagles' starting QB next season?
  • Can another Super Bowl run keep him in Philadelphia? 
  • How do the Eagles move on from MVP-caliber talent Carson Wentz?

Man, what's a guy gotta do to earn a little respect around here?

After going into Soldier Field and beating the Chicago Bears on Wild Card weekend – a game that was played in Chicago's elements, both literally and figuratively – Eagles backup QB and reigning Super Bowl MVP  Nick Foles will probably still not be starting for the Eagles come this time next year.

At least that's what the thinking is in Vegas.

Can St. Nick defy the odds and deliver you a hefty payout come opening day?

Odds Nick Foles Is Eagles Starter in 2019

Where will Nick Foles Play Week 1 of the 2019 Season? Odds at
Eagles +600
Any Other Team -1200

*All odds taken 1/7

Foles Comfortable in Clutch Moments

Something must click when it comes to late-season and clutch-game moments in Foles, as he was forgettable as a starter when Carson Wentz was still recovering from his knee injury to start the year.

Raise your hands if you dropped him in fantasy after Week 2 (c'mon man, I know I'm not the only one).

He started the season going just 19-of-34 for 117 yards and an interception in a win against the Falcons, completing just 55% of his passes.

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In a Week 2 loss to Tampa, he did go 35-for-48 for 334 yards and a TD pass, completing 72%.

Since Wentz's back injury in Week 14, Foles has been great, delivering what Philly has needed most: W's.

Nick Foles stats since Wentz Injury

Week Result Completions Yards TD-INT Passer Rating
15 30-23 W at Rams 24-31 270 0-1 89.4
16 32-30 W vs Texans 35-49 471 4-1 120.4
17 24-0 W at Redskins 28-33 221 2-1 102.1
WC 16-15 W at Bears 25-40 266 2-2 77.7

Foles' lowest completion percentage in any game was in last week's win at the Bears (62.5%).

He's rattled off three road wins, including as a heavy underdog at the Rams and Bears, while also tying the NFL record for most completions in a game with 25 against the Redskins.

The Eagles are now massive underdogs as they march into New Orleans to play the top-seeded Saints.

If they somehow escape the Big Easy with a win, they would need to still beat the winner of Rams/Cowboys (again underdogs) and then contend with one of the power final four left in the AFC  (again underdogs).

And then, even if they do emerge and win the whole thing, it's hard to imagine Foles wins the starting job in Philly.

Odds to Start at QB for Philadelphia Eagles in 2019

Who Will Be the Starting Quarterback for the Eagles in 2019? Odds at
Carson Wentz -500
Nick Foles +300

Eagles Have Budding Superstar in Wentz

The reason is simple: it's harder to stay with a journeyman that appears to have captured lightning in a bottle, than it is to keep the blue chipper.

Wentz is 26, and prior to his ugly knee injury last season, was probably going to win the league's MVP award.

The Eagles' way around this would be for a team to blow them out of the water with a trade offer. There would be a bevy of suitors, as franchise pivots on rookie deals are the the modern day bigfoot.

While Jon Gruden and the Raiders currently have the juiciest assets, if Wentz is on the market, the Eagles are going to get some godfather-level offers that could insulate their less starry QB, providing more overall talent and allowing Philly to remain wildly competitive.

It's a unique situation, and one that will only get more interesting if the Eagles keep marching down this playoff path.

What's the Best Bet?

There's not much value in betting any other team, but I believe it's the winning one. Even a progressive team like the Eagles wouldn't give up on Wentz.

And Foles has likely played himself into a starter elsewhere.

The best bet here is taking Carson Wentz to start for the Eagles in Week 1 of 2019 at BetOnline.

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