Odds Say NFL Won’t Allow Penalties to be Reviewed in 2019 Season

January 24, 2019

Updated: September 21, 2023

  • You can now bet on whether or not the NFL will make penalties reviewable
  • Prominent coaches such as Sean Payton and Bill Belichick are in favor of a rule change 
  • Is there value betting on YES, or is NO easy money?

The NFL’s worst nightmare came true Sunday.  A horrible blown call, in the most crucial moment of a Championship game, that robbed the Saints of a Super Bowl appearance.

The blatant non call on Nickell Robey-Coleman was so egregious, that the NFL is now considering making pass interference calls reviewable by instant replay. 

BetOnline has released a prop on the hot button issue, allowing you to wager on whether or not the NFL will make penalties subject to review by next season.

Odds Penalties are Reviewable in 2019 NFL Season

Penalties allowed to be reviewed in 2019 Season?Odds at

*Odds taken 1/23

So far the odds suggest that no change is coming, but is there reason to be expect otherwise?

The demand exists 

Owners, GMs, and coaches have advocated for expanding the replay process in the past. 

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Bill Belichick has been adamant that all plays should be subject to challenge and ironically Sean Payton has been asking the NFL to make pass interference calls reviewable since 2016.

Any change proposed to the NFL’s current rules would be led by the Competition Committee, which now includes the freshly scorned Payton.

Look North for the answer

If the NFL needs any guidance on implementing a review process for penalties, they should seek advice from their friends in Canada.

The CFL has allowed challenges on pass interference calls since 2014, and it’s a rule that hasn’t been abused by coaches. In 2018, a defensive pass interference penalty was challenged in less than 50% of all CFL games.

It’s not going to fix all of football’s problems, but at least it will prevent an atrocity like the Saints experienced from ever happening again.

Change is coming

NFL teams must be petrified of suffering a similar fate as the Saints. The league is famous for being reactive as opposed to proactive, and this latest scar will fuel a change to the current rules. 

Take advantage of the favorable YES odds while you can.

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