Bovada Expects 96 Commercials During 2019 Super Bowl

January 12, 2019

Updated: June 14, 2024

  • The Super Bowl kicks off Sunday, February 3rd on CBS
  • While the competitors have yet to be determined, there are plenty of props emerging
  • You can bet how many commercials there will be for the biggest TV event of the year

If you're a fan of the two teams competing, there’s no bigger game than the Super Bowl

For the other 30 fan bases across the NFL, it’s just an excuse to eat, drink, and watch TV.

And what’s the best part of watching the game on TV? The Super Bowl Commercials, of course.

How Many Commercials Will Run During Super Bowl 53?

How Many Commercials Will Air During Super Bowl 53?Odds at
Over 96-120
Under 96-120

Bovada is offering even odds for this prop, which doesn’t give us much indication on which way to lean.

So it’s time to check the tape. Literally.

Past Precedent for Super Bowl Commercials

The key to remember here is how they qualify the prop. In the fine print it says “From kickoff to games end.” NOT the end of the broadcast (trophy presentation, etc.)

So here’s what has archived from kickoff until the end of the fourth quarter for Super Bowl LII.

Super Bowl 52 Commercial Breakdown

Time FrameNumber of Unique Commercials
First Quarter18
Second Quarter20
Third Quarter19
Fourth Quarter13

That makes for a grand total of unique 80 commercials. 16 below Bovada’s threshold, not counting re-airs.

In 2017, the breakdown was fairly similar with a total of 88 unique commercials.

Super Bowl 51 Commercial Breakdown

Time FrameNumber of Commercials
First Quarter14
Second Quarter21
Third Quarter20
Fourth Quarter24

Keep in mind that, despite the game going to overtime, those commercials aren't accounted for. There was only one break after the end of the fourth quarter, following the coin toss and before kick-off.

Updated Super Bowl 53 Odds Tracker

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According to SB Nation, four commercials, including two unique ones, were used during the break.

Superheroes and Super Bowl Faves Dominate Commercials

This year there should be plenty of fresh material to hold your attention.

With Star Wars Episode IX and Avengers: Endgame set to drop in 2019, the Super Bowl is a prime spot for new trailers. Toy Story 4, Aladdin and Frozen 2 are names to watch as well.

In terms of tried and true products, Tide, Doritos and Pepsi are always names to watch. And there's always Dilly, Dilly. revealed a list of advertisers already targeting the Super Bowl.

How Many Commercials are Coming on Super Bowl Sunday?

What we haven't factored in so far, is commercials that get re-aired during the game.

Here are the numbers Statista have collected.

Number of Commercials By Super Bowl

Super BowlNumber of CommercialsAdvertising time in SecondsAverage Time per Commercial (Seconds)
LI (2017)106309029
L (2016)96297531
XLIX (2015)82288535
XLVIII (2014)83295535
XLVII (2013)97310032

Including re-airs, twice in a five year span the over hit. There was also a push. This may be an outlier though, as since 2003 there have been three overs and two pushes. All have come since 2010. While the trend is recent, it hasn't become the rule.

Take the under, crack a Budweiser and eat some Doritos, all while dreaming about your new Toyota on Super Bowl Sunday.

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