NFL Picks Week 4 – Thursday 29th September – Monday October 3rd 2016 – Free NFL Betting Tips

September 29, 2016
NFL Picks Week 4 – Thursday 29th September - Monday October 3rd 2016 – Free NFL Betting Tips 1

Updated: March 12, 2023

Get lucky with our Free NFL picks week 4 2016. 

Thursday 29th September – Monday October 3rd 2016 – NFL Picks Week 4

Cincinnati Bengals heads our NFL Picks Week 4

Miami at Cincinnati

The defending AFC North champion Cincinnati Bengals now find themselves looking up at the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers in the division standings. It’s still early in the season, but they just can’t afford to take another early-season loss, if they don’t want to bury themselves in a hole that they’ll try to dig themselves out of for the remainder of the season. Look for them to pick up a much needed win on Thursday evening.

Pick: Cincinnati.

Indianapolis vs. Jacksonville

Jacksonville Jaguars’ head coach Gus Bradley might be sitting on the hottest coaching seat in the NFL. The Jaguars have started the season 0-3, with underwhelming performances on both sides of the football. Going 0-4, while dropping their third straight game against an AFC South opponent, would be catastrophic. The problem is, the chances of the Jaguars righting the ship against the Colts aren’t very good.

Pick: Indianapolis.

Cleveland at Washington

Hue Jackson fooled everyone last week by publicly talking all about rookie quarterback Cody Kessler, and then mixing in former college quarterback (and current wide receiver) Terrelle Pryor in different offensive looks. The problem was, it still wasn’t enough to beat a struggling Miami Dolphins team, and it likely won’t be enough to beat a Washington Redskins team that just had a season-altering win against the New York Giants last week.

Pick: Washington.

Buffalo at New England

Even if rookie quarterback Jacoby Brissett can’t play for the New England Patriots this Sunday, and if the Patriots are forced to start their fourth different quarterback in four games, how can you possibly bet against them? Bill Belichick’s ability to design a game plan tailored to both his current personnel, as well as the opponent they’re playing each week, is nothing short of masterful.

Pick: New England

Seattle at NY Jets

This all comes down to whether Russell Wilson is able to play for the Seahawks next Sunday. If he’s on the field, and operating somewhat close to what we’d expect to see from him, he’ll be able to attack a New York Jets secondary that’s struggled this season. If Wilson can’t play on Sunday, expect rookie quarterback Trevone Boykin to get a lot of “up close and personal” time with a very tough Jets defensive line, who could overpower the struggling Seahawks offensive line.

Pick: Seattle

Carolina at Atlanta

The Carolina Panthers have lost more regular season games in 2016 (two) than they did between the end of November in 2014 through the end of December in 2015 (one). They’re suddenly looking up in the NFC South division standings at the Atlanta Falcons, who’ve scored a league-leading 104 points this season. Don’t forget that the Falcons were the only team to beat the Panthers last season, doing so in their match up in Atlanta. Can the Falcons make it two in a row against Cam Newton?

Pick: Atlanta

Detroit at Chicago

At least Detroit was able to finish last Sunday’s game with a respectable 34-27 score in defeat. That’s somewhat noteworthy, considering they were down by a 31-3 score late in the second quarter. Meanwhile, the Chicago Bears are really struggling, with key injuries on offense (Jay Cutler) and defense (Eddie Goldman and Danny Trevathan). Last Sunday’s loss against Dallas was brutal to watch, unless you happened to be a Cowboys fan. It’s not a pretty picture right now for John Fox’s group.

Pick: Detroit

Tennessee at Houston

Frankly, both of these teams put up miserable performances in games that they were otherwise favored to win. Houston was thoroughly outplayed, outcoached, and outclassed in every way imaginable in their loss against New England. Tennessee committed the same self-effacing mistakes that have plagued them in their years of mediocrity. So clearly, something has to give. Go with the team that simply has a greater number of good players.

Pick: Houston

Oakland at Baltimore

The Baltimore Ravens have to be one of the most under-the-radar 3-0 teams in the NFL. Of course, that’s what happens when you score a total of four touchdowns in three games. Meanwhile, Oakland has the opposite problem: they can score points by the bushel, but they struggle with stopping anyone from scoring. The NFL schedule makers did the Raiders little favors by having them play in Tennessee last week, fly back home, and then have to play in Baltimore (flying back across the country) this weekend.

Pick: Baltimore

Denver at Tampa Bay

As good as John Elway was as a quarterback in the NFL, he’s proving to be that good of a front office personnel executive as well. People were beyond surprised when Elway let Brock Osweiler leave Denver after Peyton Manning retired, and “gambled” on using Mark Sanchez or little-known Trevor Simien as his starting quarterback. After the latter won the job in the preseason, he’s been the steady hand guiding the Broncos offense that does just enough to let their fantastic defense deliver the finishing blows to opponents.

Pick: Denver

Dallas at San Francisco

Talk about the have’s and have-not’s. Dallas is in a position where they’re soon going to have to choose between two quarterbacks who have proven they can lead this offense at a high level (Tony Romo or Dak Prescott). Meanwhile, San Francisco continues to roll with the pedestrian Blaine Gabbert because, really, what other choice do they have? It’s not like there’s a lot to be hopeful about anymore with Colin Kaepernick.

Pick: Dallas.

New Orleans at San Diego

Even with their opponent not having their best player on offense, even playing at home on the 10 year anniversary of the re-opening of the Superdome after Hurricane Katrina, and even playing against an opponent on a 12-game road losing streak, the New Orleans Saints lost to the Atlanta Falcons last Monday Night. No matter how good Drew Brees and that offense can be, the defense continues to be a mess.

Pick: San Diego

Los Angeles at Arizona

So, which version of the Arizona Cardinals can we expect to show up in this game? Will it be the team that blew out the Arizona Cardinals in week two? Or will it be the team that simply didn’t show up to their week one and week three games against the New England Patriots and the Buffalo Bills? This team is as talented as any in the NFL, and as well-coached, too. Their inconsistency is baffling.

Pick: Arizona.

Kansas City at Pittsburgh

While we’re on the subject of underperforming teams that we considered Super Bowl favorites: the Pittsburgh Steelers 34-3 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles last Sunday might’ve been the biggest shock of the season. The lopsided score says plenty, but it still might not tell the full story of how sloppy the Steelers looked on both sides of the football. Pittsburgh is supposed to be one of the three or four best teams in the NFL, but over the last couple of weeks, they haven’t played like it. They need to bounce back this week.

Pick: Pittsburgh.

NY Giants at Minnesota

If the coach of the year award was to be handed out at this point in the season, Mike Zimmer would be the runaway favorite. After devastating injuries to their two best players on offense, and with a quarterback who got to town just a handful of weeks ago, this Vikings team has already beaten two NFC teams that many people had chosen as Super Bowl contenders. They’ve just played tough, smart football. The Giants did anything but that last week in their loss to Washington.

Pick: Minnesota.

That concludes our NFL picks week 4 be sure to come by for the next installment of free NFL tips for week 5.

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