How to bet on college football

How to bet on college football

Updated: July 31, 2022

Welcome to our article on how to bet on college football and the best sportsbook sites to use + top bonuses.

With the recent legalization of online sports betting across states in the US, bettors want to know how to bet on their favorite sports. And college football is no exception.

In this guide, we walk you through the basics of how to bet on college football games. We’ll explore online sportsbooks, best ways to bet, types of bets you can make, and more. Stick around to the end to get answers to frequently asked questions.

Getting started and choosing a sportsbook

Before you learn how to bet on college football, you should first establish a sportsbook you want to join. When choosing a sportsbook, look out for sites that offer generous bonuses, excellent customer service, and of course good markets for college football games.

Below, we’ll outline some of the best sportsbooks for college football betting. Look out for their benefits and features, as well as their NCAAF lineups.

Best sportsbooks for college football betting

Cash in the best bonuses online with these top rated, licensed sportsbooks.


MyBookie Sportsbook Bonus

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MyBookie’s sportsbook has exciting offers like a double your first deposit bonus. In terms of college football betting, you can look forward to NCAA bowl season lines, NCAA regular season wins, Heisman Trophy winners, and more. There’s an emphasis on spreads, money lines, and totals at MyBookie.


BetUS Bonus for NFL betting

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BetUS has over 25 years in the gambling business and delivers sports betting to customers around the world including the U...

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BetUS is “America’s Favorite Sportsbook” for a reason. With a 100% sportsbook bonus, college football bettors can enjoy NCAAF betting markets for conferences, divisions, championships, and regular season wins. With BetUS, you can switch between odds preferences and make your best picks for college football.


Xbet Sportsbook

100% Sign up bonus up to $500

Join a new Vegas style Sportsbook and Casino with Live betting, 24/7 Customer service and personalised betting. Enjoy fast...

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Xbet is another exciting sportsbook for college football betting. You can double your first deposit and take part in money lines, spreads, and totals on your favorite NCAAF games. Look forward to betting on the Football National Championship odds, as well as the Heisman Trophy winner.


Bovada doesn’t offer quite as much variety as other sportsbooks when it comes to NCAAF specifically. However, it does offer college football betting in the form of futures for conference winner bets like ACC Conference Winner, Big 12 Conference Winner, Big Ten, etc. You can also bet on lines and totals.


BetOnline offers bettors a unique $1k sign-up offer to bet on football. They pride themselves on risk free bets, fast payouts, early lines, and other exciting features. College football betting at BetOnline includes NCAA spreads, money lines, totals, and more.

How to: college football betting markets

Football as a sport creates many unique betting opportunities, from proposition bets to lines, spreads, and more. Below, we’ll outline some of the most popular college football bets you can use to make your picks. We’ll explain how they work and provide some examples to give you a better idea.

Money lines

Money line bets are all about one main objective – picking the winning team correctly. If your prediction is correct, then you get a payout based on odds set by the sportsbook. Oddsmakers make money lines with negative and positive numbers in American odds. The favored team is negative and the underdog is positive.

One exciting thing to note is that if you bet on an underdog and they win, you could be looking at a larger payout overall. In a money line, if you win, you get your winnings plus a return of your initial wager.


Prop bets (proposition bets) are unique bets revolving around the happenings of the game. In college football betting, you will mainly be placing props on players or teams. Prop bets do not relate to the outcome or winner of a football game like money lines do.

An example of a player prop would be betting that a certain college football player will fumble during a given game. On the other hand, an example of a team prop would be betting that a certain team will punt a field goal in the 3rd quarter of the game.

Props are exciting bets for beginners since they don’t require a ton of statistical knowledge or knowledge of odds. You can really get creative with props and see where your predictions take you.

Point spreads

Point spreads are when you bet on how many points a team will lose or win by. In these bets, note that underdogs have the advantage, while favored teams do not. The sportsbook is the oddsmaker in this case. They will set the number for the point spread, and those are the odds your predictions revolve around.

Underdogs don’t have to win by a certain number of points; they merely need to win outright or not lose by more than the point spread. But favored teams must win and must win by at least the point spread.


Futures are an exciting bet in any sport, where you predict a final winner of a series, championship, or tournament far in advance. In college football betting, futures are all about predicting winners of the College Playoff National Championship, conference winners, and more.

The earlier on in a season you place your bet, the longer your deposit is on hold for the bet. But one good thing about this is that if you take your bet all the way and win, it promises a bigger payout.


Parlays are combination bets or “multi-bets”. By combining multiple bets onto one wager, you raise the stakes. In order to get a payout, all of your predictions must be correct. Parlays typically include money lines, spreads, and totals.

In college football betting, a parlay might look something like this combination:

  • X team will win the game (money line)
  • The total combined score of the game will fall under the set number (total)

Best way to bet on college football – strategies and tips

College football betting is no exact science, but there are some strategies that can improve your approach.

Consider the teams’ motivations

In college football betting, teams’ performance will ebb and flow depending on their motivations. If a good team suffers a hard loss that exempts them from a championship, they are probably not going to try as hard in the remaining season games.

Be careful with your bankroll

While a season presents tons of opportunities to wager, you want to stick to quality over quantity. Placing valuable bets (ones where your risk is low and the payout is high based on various factors) is the key to avoiding debt.

Remember the home-field advantage

College football is a beloved sport in the US. Because of this, the fanfare is huge and it definitely has the power to affect player and team performance. When a team performs on their home field, there is often a higher chance that they’ll perform well. But remember not to get too caught up in this idea.

FAQs about college football betting

Is college sports betting illegal?

No, college sports betting is legal for certain sports (including football). Ensure that you are using a licensed and regulated sportsbook, though.

Can you wager live bets on college football?

Yes, live betting is an exciting part of college football betting, but it isn’t offered at every sportsbook. Live betting is a fun opportunity to place a wager even after the game has started.

Can I bet from anywhere?

No, not necessarily. Sports betting is only legal in certain US states, so you must ensure you are in the right location to take part.

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