First NFL Coaches Fired in 2017 – Top 3 Contenders as NFL Black Monday Looms

August 8, 2017
First NFL Head Coach To Be Fired in 2017

Updated: February 18, 2024

The Monday after Week 17 of each NFL season has unofficially come to be known as “Black Monday.” It's the day when as many as a quarter of the NFL's current head coaches are dismissed by their current teams. This is usually because those franchise's front offices and ownership groups were less than satisfied with the team's performance that season. Let's look at the first NFL Coaches fired odds and chances.

As sad as it might be to make bets on when someone might lose their job, the Las Vegas sportsbooks have released their odds for the first NFL head coach to be fired in 2017. With that, we took a look at three coaches who enter the season on the hottest of seats (in order of likelihood to be dismissed first, with the odds for each wager):

3. Bill O'Brien, Houston Texans (+1500)

NFL Coaches Fired odds sees Bill O'Brien at No. 3An intriguing “dark horse” in a race that no coach wants to find himself in. Houston Texans owner Bob McNair could be highly disgruntled if his Texans find themselves looking up at other teams in the AFC South standings towards the end of the year. Such a scenario is very plausible, considering the the AFC South is a lot tougher than the basket of kittens we've known it to be in years past. The Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans both have legitimate aspirations of winning the division this year, and you could argue that their stabilized quarterbacks situations could give them an advantage over the Texans, who are currently deciding between a young and unproven player (Tom Savage), and a highly touted rookie they surrendered a hefty bounty to acquire (Deshaun Watson). McNair could decide to fire O'Brien late in the season if he thinks it'll jump start a floundering Houston team towards a potential playoff run.

2. Hue Jackson, Cleveland Browns (+500)

Hue Jackson, Cleveland BrownsIt would be a major shock to see Jackson dismissed before the season is over, but Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam is known for many things, with patience and pragmatism not being one of them. So if Cleveland finds themselves with only a sparse number of wins this winter, Haslam could strike again; let's not forget that Cleveland has already had four head coaches in the five years that Haslam has run the team. If the Browns do end up firing Jackson, it would be the most Cleveland thing ever, because Jackson is certainly one of the best coaching talents in the NFL, and someone perfectly suited to lead the young nucleus they're developing in Cleveland. But, such a move is further made possible by the fact that the Browns would have the option of quickly making defensive coordinator Gregg Williams the interim head coach (he has previous head coaching experience), if such an in-season move were to be made.

1. Todd Bowles, New York Jets (+150)

Todd Bowles, New York JetsA low-risk, low-return investment, because it seems like the safest bet to make on this particular wager. Frankly, it was very surprising that the impetuous Woody Johnson (owner of the New York Jets) decided to keep Todd Bowles in his current position after the disastrous 5-11 campaign that “Gang Green” had last year. And this year, Bowles will be charged with leading a roster that might be the least talented of any team in the NFL, thanks to (the terribly
overrated) General Manager Mike Maccagnan trying to erase all the salary cap blunders in his first couple of years on the job. If the Jets have the horrific season that everyone is projecting, both Bowles and Maccagnan will likely find themselves unemployed sooner rather than later.

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