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NFL 2017 First Quarter Surprises

Biggest Surprises from the NFL 2017 Season’s First Quarter

If someone would have told you that the Buffalo Bills and the Los Angeles Rams would be 3-1 after four weeks of the NFL 2017 season, they would probably have told you that you were crazy. Better yet, tell them that the defending Super Bowl…

Top NFL Rookies in 2017

Top NFL Rookies Through The Season’s First Quarter in 2017

Four games into the 2017 NFL season and already a number of first-year players are making their mark on the league. It is never easy making the jump from college to the National Football League. However guys like Kareem Hunt and Deshaun Watson have made…

A Guide To NFL Suspensions

A Guide To NFL Suspensions

The recent upholding of the six-game suspension of Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott has left many fans wondering. Why six games?. What about Elliott’s salary?. Why can he play in the team’s first game of the season?. All are great questions and it brings…

Most Improved NFL Teams 2017

2017’s Most Improved NFL Teams It usually happens every year. An NFL team rises from its failures the previous season, turns things around, and makes great improvements. A year ago, one of those teams was the Oakland Raiders. After going 7-9 in 2015, the Raiders…

Finding A Quality NFL Backup Quarterback

Every NFL roster has one. The No. 2 quarterback. It might be the most important slot of the 53 roster spots available on each NFL team. Despite being so important, many NFL franchises are willing to settle for a warm body at the backup quarterback…

Amari Cooper Draft Class of 2015

2015 NFL Draft Class – Contenders to Look out for this Season

The opening weekend of the 2016 NFL Season is in the books as the next chapter kicks off on Thursday Night. For me the excitement will run till the final play of Super Bowl LI in February. One of the things that should be exciting…

Andrew Luck is Number 1 in the Top 20 Highest Paid Quarterbacks in NFL

2016 NFL MVP Award and Contenders

The 2016 NFL Season is in full swing after an exciting first week came to a conclusion with the Monday Night Double Header. Week 1 featured prime time performances from Drew Brees, Leonard Williams, DeAngelo Williams and A.J. Green to name just a few. Now…

NFL Matchups Tool

NFL Matchups are a great source of stats for punters. The NFL game time and location information is displayed so you know when kick off will occur. Take a look at the information displayed above between two teams. Let’s use the following game matchup as an…