Our BetOnline Review gives you the lowdown on this top rated online sportsbook with great sign up bonuses.

Betonline Review

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BetOnline is one of the foremost online gambling and sportsbook websites within the United States. It is a popular site with the American betting population.

This large betting portal particularly caters to clients from the United States.

How does the BetOnline website function, what are some of its main benefits and are there any noticeable drawbacks?. I

for you to make the most informed choices, it is important that we take a look at the answers to these questions in our BetOnline review.

What is in Store with this BetOnline Review?

The aim of this BetOnline review article is to allow you to appreciate the most important aspects of the sportsbook site, as well as the other hobbies that it caters to.

We will therefore break this synopsis down into easily digestible sections. It is hoped that this clarity will enable you to appreciate what BetOnline has in store.

Let's take a closer look at the BetOnline site.

What Range of Betting Options are Found Within BetOnline?

One of the benefits of this sportsbook is that there are a number of different sports to choose from.

The betting choice needs of most members are easily catered to. Some common examples of the betting options include (but are not limited to):

  • Baseball (MLB)
  • American football (NFL)
  • Professional basketball (NBA)
  • Tennis
  • Hockey
  • Soccer

While there are times when mixed martial arts (MMA) are included, these are usually limited to major bouts.

Another reason why BetOnline is popular is the fact that the sports featured will change with the seasons of the year.

An example of this change is when Baseball takes center stage from football.

What are the Betting Lines and Limits Associated with BetOnline?

We should note here that betting lines at BetOnline are posted much faster online than top rivals such as Bovada. Players can therefore take advantage of the latest spreads as soon as they become available.

Live betting options are another feature which could be attractive to prospect bettors. Especially to those players who may be keen on being kept up to date as exciting sports events unfold.

The betting limits of BetOnline are somewhat moderate when compared to other sites based out of the United States.

It should be obvious that the largest markets such as football have very high limits; up to $25,000.

Basketball limits top out at $10,000 (for sides) and National Hockey League (NHL) bets reach a maximum of $3,000.

It is, however just as critical to mention that bets can be placed for a minimum of $1.

The low betting amount threshold could be a massive advantage for those players who do not have a great deal of capital to spare.

What is the BetOnline Deposit Bonus?

Like most online sportsbooks, BetOnline offers a first-time deposit bonus of 50 per cent. Players should be aware of the main terms and conditions associated with the bonus reward. The terms include:

  • A minimum of $50 must be deposited to be matched by 50 per cent.
  • The maximum first-time deposit associated with this bonus is $1,000.
  • Once this promotion is claimed, no additional withdrawals can be made for a total of 30 consecutive days.
  • A ten-time “roll-over” requirement is also included before the bonus of 50 per cent can be rewarded.

Finally, a BetOnline bonus code of “BOL1000” needs to be entered in order for the funds to be claimed.

Another BetOnline bonus should be mentioned here. Players who place live bets will be credited with a bonus worth $25.

Those bettors who choose to access the BetOnline website via a mobile device will enjoy a bonus of $50. One great aspect in regards to either of these bonuses is that they are provided to the player even in the event that he or she loses the bet itself.

What are the Deposit and Cash-Out Methods Provided by BetOnline?

As should be expected with one of the largest betting sites within the United States, there are numerous payout and cash-out options available to players. Some of the primary deposit methods include:

  • Diner's Club Card
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • JCB
  • American Express
  • Skrill
  • Neteller

Although American Express cards can be utilised, a minimum of five deposits need to be made before this method is allowed. Finally, all credit card deposits are associated with a fee of six per cent.

This is notably higher than sportsbook portals such as Bovada which charge a nominal 4.9 per cent.

In terms of cashing out, the BetOnline sportsbook provides additional methods. One notable feature here is that website accepts Bitcoins as payout methods.

This is one of the first sportsbooks to do so and we should expect other betting portals to adopt this method into the future. Other choices include:

  • Bank wire transfers
  • Person-to-person payouts
  • Cheques (mail, express mail and courier
  • Book-to-book transfers
  • Bitcoins

Withdrawals can also be sent to one's credit card, but the five-deposit requirement once again needs to be met in advance.

Unfortunately, cheque withdrawals will be associated with additional costs. For a standard payout, BetOnline charges $25 dollars.

This amount then increases to $50 dollars if the player wishes to have the money delivered within seven business days.

What are some of the Casino Options Associated with the BetOnline Sportsbook?

Another massive advantage associated with the BetOnline platform is that sports betting is only one of the options which is offered to members.

The BetOnline casino portal provides a number of stimulating opportunities for those who may be fans of blackjack, poker and other popular games.

Some interesting variants that are listed (at the time that this article was written) include:

  • Multi-Hand Blackjack
  • Three-Card Poker
  • Pharaoh King Slots
  • Craps

There is also a very handy “favorites” menu found within the main BetOnline casino page. This highlights the games which have proven to be most popular with players and as should be expected, this list is being constantly updated.

What Types of BetOnline Poker Games are Available?

BetOnline poker is arguably one of the most popular options within the entire portfolio of BetOnline casino games. Currently, the five different versions of poker which are available include:

  • American Roulette
  • Caribbean Stud
  • Texas Hold ‘Em Poker
  • Omaha Poker
  • 7-Card Stud
  • 32-Card Draw
  • Americana Poker

There are also 17 variants of video poker offered here; ideal for those who wish to enjoy fast-paced action within relatively realistic gaming scenarios.

Poker and other BetOnline casino options are powered by Rival Gaming software; one of the most efficient and advanced platforms in the industry today.

What Types of BetOnline Slots Games are Currently Available?

As should be expected within any large gaming site, the BetOnline casino also offers a plethora of different slots games to enjoy. Some names include Monkey Money, Jackpot Jamba, Out of This World and Invaders. These are all five-reel slot games.

Players who prefer the traditional three-wheel version will likewise not be disappointed. A few games included within their current selection are Lucky 7, Triple Crown and the ever-popular Progressive Diamond Jackpot (highlightd within the list of the most popular games).

In addition to standard three-wheel and five-wheel slots, there are an impressive 37 games which are three-dimensional. 3-D slots is a growing trend throughout the industry. It is likely that more 3-D slots will be added into the future.

What Variety of Table Games Can be Enjoyed Within the BetOnline Casino Portal?

Besides the ever-popular BetOnline poker selections, the table games offered here can be broken down into three main categories:

  • Blackjack
  • Craps and Roulette
  • Table Poker

Some of the variants of blackjack that are available include American Blackjack, 21 Burn, Pirate 21 and Super 7 Blackjack. In addition to craps, players can choose between either American or European roulette. As mentioned earlier, there are a number of poker games available. Baccarat is also a possible alongside Ride 'em Poker and Single Deck High-Low Draw.

What Are the Best Aspects of BetOnline Sportsbook?

Now that we have looked at BetOnline sportsbook in some detail, it is a good idea to list some of the main selling points which could serve to entice American players of all ages, above 18, and skill levels.

The most important aspect associated with BetOnline is that it is somehow able to accept players from all 50 states and jurisdictions.

Not being able to provide betting to all US states has been a sticking point with many online gaming and sportsbook sites. In fact, it appears that even Bovada falls short in this respect. With a truly nationwide presence, we should only expect BetOnline to grow into the foreseeable future

Another major confounding factor involved with sports betting (and online gaming in general) within the United States is that it has been notoriously difficult to deposit and withdraw money via electronic methods.

When we also take into account financial transparency issues, it becomes clear why many players have opted for offshore sites.

However, BetOnline appears to have circumvented many of these issues thanks to the number of different cash-in and payout options that they provide.

Although many reviews are quite comprehensive in terms of the aforementioned payment methods, it needs to be mentioned once again that BetOnline is one of the first gaming portals to offer Bitcoin as a cash-out method.

The reason why this cryptocurrency is so valuable is that it offers an extra level of security and anonymity within the gaming community. A growing number of players are now opting for this rather high-tech alternative.

Finally, BetOnline sportsbook boasts more than ten years of experience within the challenging gaming industry. BetOnline's reputation tends to speak for itself and those who are looking for a system which is well-respected should always consider that factor.

What are Some Factors of BetOnline Sportsbook That Need Improvement?

In order for our BetOnline review to be fair and balanced, it is prudent to mention a few points which have served to detract from the overall reputation of the sportsbook since it's existence.

Perhaps the most profound incident occurred when BetOnline poker was first introduced in 2011. There were several issues with transparency and according to some, even misinformation.

For example, BetOnline falsely claimed that they were members of the vaunted Action Network. The claim was later proven to be false.

Passwords were then subsequently leaked to customer service representatives. The breach of confidence was hardly a method to promote trust with their newly designed poker system.

There were further security issues such as members somehow being able to play on multiple different accounts while utilising the same IP address.

There were even some claims that BetOnline had been illegally confiscating the money of registered players (according to transcripts from BetOnline live chat records). Although such statements were never actually proven, it can certainly prove to be damaging.

Many of these issues have been addressed during the interim. According to the majority of analysts, the only real issues that still need to be rectified are the levels of customer service (in terms of knowledge, rapport and response times) and fees.

When we consider that the current deposit charge associated with credit cards is six per cent, it has to be questioned whether or not this can be slightly lowered (even to be equivalent to other major firms such as Bovada).

The majority of legal gaming portals within the United States permit a minimum of one cheque withdrawal on a monthly basis for free. In other words, where exactly are these fees going?

What is the Verdict in Regards to our BetOnline Review?

As with any major gaming site, there are always issues which could use a bit of improvement. In our BetOnline review we found the good points and the areas that could be improved.

As well as a few stellar qualities that stand out above the rest. In terms of the BetOnline sportsbook and casino platform, the main positive takeaway points are:

  • Live betting options.
  • Access to poker, blackjack and slots via the BetOnline casino.
  • Multiple withdrawal methods.
  • An availability within all 50 states.

Some areas which could still use a bit of improvement are:

  • The levels of customer service associated with BetOnline live chat.
  • The rather high fees associated with online transactions.

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