Top 10 Plays of Week 12 | College Football Highlights

Updated: May 23, 2022

# 10 (0:07) Indiana's Luke Timian makes sweet back-shoulder catch while dropping vs. Michigan

# 9 (0:28) Washington State’’ s Tae Martin handles and conquers a facemask to protect the catch with the assistance of his knees

# 8 (1:01) Columbia's Mike Roussos returns the squibb kick 87 lawns for the game-winning goal

# 7 (1:29) Western Kentucky’’ s Devon Key pointers UTEP QB Brandon Jones’ ’ pass to himself and protects the interception

# 6 (1:56) Dequesne’’ s Nehari Crawford muscles off a deal with and break out for a 56-yard game-winning goal

# 5 (2:27) Purdue's Rondale Moore spins and makes the catch off a deal with and speeds into completion zone for ball game

# 4 (3:02) Wofford’’ s TJ Luther protects goal catch by jumping over 2 protectors

# 3 (3:31) Temple’’ s Delvon Randall reaches back to obstruct South Florida QB Blake Barnett’’ s pass with one hand

# 2 (4:05) Ole Miss’’ s Damarkus Lodge makes one-handed goal grab while keeping his feet inbounds

# 1 (4:38) Wisconsin’’ s Danny Davis makes impressive jumping goal catch with one hand

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