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Sunday, 22 July 2018

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Top 10 NFL Quarterbacks 2018


It’s no surprise, the best Top 10 NFL Quarterbacks 2018 on this list are for the most part are at the helm of the best offenses in the NFL. Some of the best NFL Quarterbacks have fallen off the map and on the other end young Quarterbacks have been regarded

Top 10 Fastest NFL Players 2017


Speed, quickness and acceleration make these players the fastest, most electrifying players in the NFL. The guys with GET AWAY FROM THE COPS SPEED. These are the players with the type of supersonic speed few athletes have achieved over history. These are not just the players that destroy the combine,

Top 10 NFL Rookies of All-Time


 In honor of Ezekiel Elliot’s impressive NFL rookie campaign, I will be counting down the top 10 NFL rookies ever. Not only did they win the rookie of the year, but they were considered one of the best players in the NFL after only one season. While the best

NFL Trade Deadline 2017 Winners and Losers

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Normally, the NFL trade deadline garners about as much attention as a PBA bowling event in entertainment news. This year, there was plenty of action as the league’s trade deadline brought about a number of trades – and one no-trade – that are definitely newsworthy. Teams like Buffalo and Philadelphia

10 Things You Need To Know About NFL Players


Our Top 10 Things you need to know about NFL players. It’s easy to look at players in the National Football League and think that their lives are far different from the average person. We have our own ideas about what NFL players do on a daily basis, how they

The Top 17 Qualities Successful NFL Players Share


Welcome to our list of 17 qualities successful NFL players share. Over one million student-athletes participate in football at the high school level in any given year. Less than one percent of those who play in high school will end up playing in the National Football League. Making it to the

Top 30 Most Influential People In NFL – The List

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Notable people from NFL have graced our screens and influenced fans’ lives in one way or another. This list seeks to give an insight on some of the noteworthy contributors and give a little insight on what they have achieved. It is imperative that we put across a disclaimer that

Top 20 Highest Paid Quarterbacks in NFL


The NFL has some seriously well-paid players in it and that’s not surprising. The NFL is one of the world’s most watched sports and every week, millions of people tune in across the globe to watch their favourite players and teams battle it out on the field. But who are