How To Find The Best Super Bowl Betting Sites For 2024

In the mood for a spot of Super Bowl betting? Well, luckily for you, just about every sportsbook in the world is going to offer some form of Super Bowl betting just before the big day rolls around. It is a massive event on the American sporting calendar, after all.

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However, we suppose that this makes your job a bit more difficult. You only want to be gambling at the best Super Bowl betting sites. This means that you really need to hunt them down.

On this page, we are going to do two things. Firstly, we are going to run you through what makes a good Super Bowl betting site. This way, if you want to hunt down a site yourself, you have the tools Secondly, we are going to tell you about the top 9 best Super Bowl betting sites in 2023. If you want to gamble on the Super Bowl, then any one of these sites will be great. 

What Makes the Best Super Bowl Betting Sites?

Best NFL Betting Sites
Best Super Bowl Betting Sites listed here.

So, let's kick off proceedings by talking a little bit about what makes a site a good website. These are the things that you really need to be on the lookout for when landing on a brand-new sportsbook. This is all the stuff that we thought about when we were putting together our list of the top 10 Super Bowl betting websites (which you will be able to find in the next section!)

Site Licensing

This is priority 1 when you have found a sportsbook that catches your attention. If you want to bet on the Super Bowl, then it is important that you use a legal sports betting website. This means that the site is licensed to operate where you live (we are going to assume in the United States). There will be some indication of the licensing on the website.

The main benefit of a site being licensed is that the site has proven itself to a gambling authority. It has committed itself to be fair and ensure that you do not run into any problems when you are gambling on the platform. 

Site Security 

This is something that will often go hand-in-hand with the whole licensing thing. This is because most licensing authorities require an online Super Bowl betting website to be secure.

This means that your personal details are handled properly. It is especially important that the site uses an external payment processor to deal with your payment details whenever you make a deposit or withdrawal. This ensures that your personal information is not at risk of being stolen.

As we said, this is something that will often go hand-in-hand with the first point anyway. Therefore, you won't have to worry about this too much. If you are using a modern browser (e.g. Google Chrome), then it will tell you if the site that you are browsing is not a secure one. 

Welcome Bonuses ; Regular Bonuses

For most people, when they land on a Super Bowl betting website, the first thing that catches their eye will be the welcome bonuses and other bonuses that are on offer. For example, you may see:

  • Matched deposits
  • Boosted odds
  • Parlay insurances
  • Free bets

These incentives are great. You should always land on a sportsbook that offers a huge number of bonuses. However, we do want to point out that this should not be the only thing that you are looking for at an online sportsbook. Other things are far, far more important. However, a good online bonus or two is certainly going to go a long way towards helping you to sort the great sites from the good sites. 

Customer Support

If you do your research, it is unlikely that you are going to land on an online NFL betting website that is going to give you problems. All of their systems will run pretty smoothly. However, this doesn't mean that the site should not have invested in customer support.

A good sportsbook will be committed to the customers who gamble there. This means that the customer support team should be simple to get ahold of. We prefer websites that have a 24/7 live chat option available but, if they don't, then the customer service team should respond to any messages in no more than a day or so. The quicker, the better.

Banking Options

This is simple. These will be your withdrawal and deposit options. You want the site to support whichever payment methods you have at your disposal e.g. debit/credit card, Cryptocurrency, bank transfer, etc.

Not only do you want the payment method to be supported, but you want free (or incredibly cheap) and fast withdrawals. Due to various laws, most online betting sites will not offer an instant withdrawal option. However, if the cash can be removed from your account in under a day, then this is fine by us!

Gambling Options

Obviously, your main priority will be to choose a website that offers Super Bowl betting. Would be a bit pointless gambling at a site that doesn't offer the bets that you want to make.

You will also need to ensure that the website offers plenty of Super Bowl betting options. For example, the best Super Bowl betting sites in 2023 will be filled with moneylines, props, point spreads, and more. You may have dozens and dozens of bets to choose from. The more, the merrier.

Don't forget, the Super Bowl is just for one day. You probably won't just be betting on the Super Bowl, so check other betting options that may be available. Once again, the more options, the better. 

Live Betting

Most modern sportsbooks will offer live betting. This is a great thing if you are planning on making half-time bets on the Super Bowl. Live betting will enable you to bet while the game is in play. This is a favorite among the more tactical or analytical gamblers.

Betting Odds

The better the betting odds, the more money that you can make.

You may want to get signed up for multiple Super Bowl betting sportsbooks if you plan on making several bets. This ensures that you can take advantage of the best odds available. By shopping around, you may be able to squeeze a few more dollars out of your wins. 

Mobile Support

Finally, a site should offer mobile support. This can be through a mobile app or a well-built mobile website. There just needs to be something that makes it easier to gamble from the palm of your hand. After all, you don't want to be hunched over a computer on Super Bowl weekend, right?

Top 9 Super Bowl Betting Websites: A Checklist

So, now that is out of the way, we can get to the real meat of the article. The reason why you are here. We want to run you through the top 9 online sportsbooks for Super Bowl betting in 2023.

We have done our research here. Each of these sites are places where you can catch us gambling on Super Bowl weekend (and throughout the rest of the year). So, any one of these sites will be great.

We will only give a short description of each website. If you head on over to the platform (hit the link that we have included), then you will be introduced to some of the greatest sportsbooks in the country right now. 


MyBookie is an online sportsbook that lives and breathes American sports, and many punters in the US make a beeline for it when the Super Bowl rolls around. Here, you can enjoy a welcome bonus of up to $1,000. However, the real excitement comes from the sheer number of bets that they have available through the platform. If you gamble on the Super Bowl here, you can enjoy hundreds of different prop bets. Great for building your parlays (or just going for those singles, we guess). is an online sportsbook that has really tried to carve a niche for itself when it comes to NFL betting. In fact, many of the bonuses that the site offers will be tied specifically to NFL betting. So, as you can imagine, they really go all-out for the Super Bowl. If you look to gamble here, you can enjoy some of the best betting odds in the business. 


If fast payouts interest you, then BetOnline is going to be where the action is at. They are able to process withdrawals with some payment methods in just a matter of minutes. They have several different banking options available, so you can get cash into your account in a multitude of different ways. Once again, this is a platform that focuses heavily on American sports (particularly the NFL), so you can enjoy great betting odds on the Super Bowl.


BetNow is a site that caters mostly to the EU market, but Americans can also join in on the action if they want. This is a site that is famous for having low juice and, in some cases, no juice at all (this is basically their profit), which means that their betting odds tend to be a little bit better than most. They will not always have a huge number of bets available. However, if you are looking to place some simple moneyline or point spreads on the Super Bowl, then it si worth checking out.

At the start of every NFL season, offers some of the best NFL bonuses in the business, and these bonuses don't ever seem to let up. One of our favorite things about the site is the live gambling options available. Even if you are betting from your mobile device, the live gambling options load up nice and fast. This way, you can always enjoy great live betting odds.


Bovada is, unfortunately, limited in some locations. However, if you are in a place where Bovada is allowed, then you can take advantage of some great NFL betting bonuses. If you bet a couple of days before the Super Bowl, you may even find that Bovada offers a couple of enhanced odds promotions on some prop bets. If you go for those props, then you can squeeze a little bit more cash out of your winnings. 


Even though XBet offers pre-game bets, they are famed for their live betting options. In fact, if we are live betting on a game (and not just the Super Bowl), you can be sure that we will have XBet open in a tab somewhere. This is because XBet has a ton of live gamblers, and this often translates to some pretty great odds when the game is in-play. This site is perfect for those that love their half-time Super Bowl bets.


YouWager is another site that is not available in all territories. however, if you can access it, then you will be able to enjoy some great betting odds, bonuses, and tons of bets for the Super Bowl. 


BetUS is one of the oldest sportsbooks in the US, being available for around 29 years. It is used by countless numbers of people during the Super Bowl. This is because BetUS has managed to gain a reputation for making the gambling process nice and smooth. The great odds help too. If you sign up for BetUS, then you can enjoy a welcome bonus that will help kickstart your betting career on the platform. 

Finding The Right Superbowl Betting Site For You

Your first job is to ensure that you only stick to the platforms on this list. If you are betting on the Super Bowl, you only have one shot to choose a great site.You need to get your decision right. This is why we have put in the hard work for you. Our efforts mean that you don't need to waste your cash on a terrible gambling experience.

Depending on the type of bet that you are placing, we suggest that you get signed up for 3-4 different sites. This way, you can check which ones offer the best odds for your betting. Serious gamblers will often split their bets over multiple websites. If you are gambling more than a couple of hundred dollars, this is more than worth doing. However, if you are a low roller, then a single site should be fine.

Remember, each of these sites will have bonuses available. If you click the links on this page, you will be entitled to those bonuses. However, make sure that you read through the platform to learn how the bonus works. This way, you get everything that you are entitled to with no hassle. 


There you have it; a complete guide to choosing the best Super Bowl betting sites in 2023. Check out a couple of these sites and place your bets. We hope that you win huge amounts of cash! Know that when the Super Bowl rolls around, we are going to be sitting around screaming at our TV (hopefully in excitement) just like you and countless other people! It is one of the most exciting sports to bet on, after all.