Tiger vs. Phil for $10 Million Is This Going to Happen or What?

July 25, 2018
Tiger Woods

Updated: March 10, 2023

Tiger Woods[fcrp_feat_sc sc_id=”464″] You have seen the news. You have heard the rumors.

Word on the street is that Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are on the verge of playing a heads-up match, and the winner is taking home a cool 10 million bucks.

As an avid fan of the game and someone who has followed these two legends careers for the past 20+ years, I am salivating at the potential of this going down.

What if I told you that you can bet on who will win this match? What if I told you that you can bet on if the match even takes place?

Perhaps you dont even think the two men will clash. Do you think its all just a bunch of hashtag fake news? Is the media just stirring the pot to get peoples hopes up? If thats the case, you can put your money where your mouth is.

The plan for this short blog is to tell you all you need to know about prospects of this match. The online betting site SportsBetting.ag currently has 3 wagers regarding the Tiger/Phil exhibition, and while two of them have promise, one seems like more of a tease.

Ill give you my perspective on the two bets catching my eye, as well as spill the facts on why you should stay away from the other. Ill spend some time at the end telling you what I think ends up happening, but I want to get to the juicy stuff first.

We are all here to make some money, so lets dive right into the bets!

Will Woods vs. Mickelson Take Place in 2018?

Here’s how this betting market is priced up.


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There it is in plain sight, ladies and gentlemen. If you think the match is for sure happening before the end of the calendar year, youll have to lay -240 on your premonition.

Should you think its all just a bunch of hoopla and unwarranted commotion, the bookies will handsomely pay you to the tune of +175 odds if you correctly predict that it doesnt take place.

You want my opinion? Dont worry; its coming soon.

Ive heard both sides of the debate. Some of my closest friends who are in and around the PGA Tour circle have told me this isnt going down and that the news was made public just to send the golf community into a frenzy.

On the flip side, I have heard from other very credible sources that this isnt just a bunch of nonsense and that this mano a mano battle is indeed going to go down.

The beauty of the top online sportsbooks like SportsBetting.ag is that they allow us to be the judge and make the call on whether or not we think it will happen.

The $10M Match Who Will Win?

These are the odds for this betting market.

Tiger Woods-125
Phil Mickelson+105

Again, its right there for the taking. If you are in the camp who thinks that Tiger will blow past Phil if they meet up in a duel, all you have to do is lay -125, and your action will be booked.

If you are all about Lefty and think that Mickelson has enough moxie to tame the Tiger, then the online casino operators at SportsBook.ag are going to let you in at the favorable price of +105.

The bottom line is that you dont have to sit this one out on the sidelines if the two men end up doing battle. You can pick your side, place the bet, and watch all the drama unfold!

The Venue of the Woods vs. Mickelson $10M Match

There are a few options for this betting market. Here are the current odds.

Torrey Pines Golf Course+300
Augusta National Golf Club+550
The PGA West Stadium Course+450
TPC Sawgrass+450
Shinnecock Hills Golf Club+800
Emirates Golf Club+275

Remember in the intro when I alluded to the bookies offering a teaser type of bet? One that they posted on the board just to draw in the average fan and get him or her placing bets on this match?

Well, let me be the first one to clue you in. This is a common tactic that bookmakers will use, but its one that you need to stay away from to avoid dumping money.

Essentially, the site is offering us the names of 6 courses, all of which most golf fans are very familiar with. The odds attached are rather favorable, but trust me, folks, this is by design.

The reason they are offering all these venues at great prices is because the golf course most likely to host this match isnt even on the list!

Shadow Creek in Las Vegas

Forget about Augusta National and Shinnecock Hills. That’ll never happen.

The duel they are dubbing The $10M Match will almost certainly take place at Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas, Nevada, if and when it ends up happening.

The reason that Shadow Creek isnt listed is because, as I previously mentioned, the books are trying to tease us. They list some famous tracks that everyone recognizes in hopes that the recreational golf fan will bite.

The reality is, this is near enough a risk-free market for the online sites. Every single bet that gets placed here will likely turn out to be a loser. Essentially, however much money is wagered on this specific bet will go directly into the pockets of the betting site.

Sure, there is a very slim and outside chance that the match happens, and Shadow Creek isnt the choice. But I can almost guarantee you that none of the 6 courses listed will be chosen. Again, the books are giving bettors another option to have a sweat on this match.

Those who are sharp will be staying far, far away from this particular wager.

My Thoughts What Do I Think Happens?

I really do think this match happens.

But I am also more than apprehensive that the news was released prematurely and that Tiger and Phil might not play after all.

Ill give you both sides of the coin. You can decide which theory makes more sense.

Why the Match Wont Take Place

Obviously, media outlets like ESPN or Yahoo Sports want nothing more than to create traffic and get people reading their content. The bigger and more breaking the story is, the more buzz gets generated.

Releasing a story as massive as Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson facing off in a 10-million-dollar match is certainly breaking-news-worthy type of information. These forms of hearsay usually have at least some sort of truth behind them, but Ill tell you what raises my eyebrow about the initial report.

There was a pgatour.com report that stated that the match had already been scheduled. And while not naming the course, they did say that July 3rd in Las Vegas was when this supposed to happen.

Mickelson even was quoted as saying the following.

Were working on a different date. I thought it was done for the 3rd but obviously it wasnt.

Really? Come on.

I live in Las Vegas, and it was like 112 degrees on July 3rd, and thats not an exaggeration. You really think a match of this magnitude, with two names as high-profile as Tiger and Phils, were going to duke it out for 10 mil in 110+ degrees of heat?

I never bought that for a second, which made we wonder if the whole story was one big gaffe. Was all this speculation for nothing?

Why the Match Will Take Place

On the other hand, perhaps they used the July 3rd in Las Vegas as a simple ploy to lure in readers. Maybe the sole intention of bringing up July 3rd in the first place was designed to draw fans in, when the reality is that this was always going to take place sometime during the fall.

The fact that Phil has made references to the match taking place and weve heard zilch from the Tiger Woods camp doesnt mean a whole lot to me, as Phil has always been one who loves engaging with fans and media when theres a microphone placed in front of him.

I believe that enough information is out there, and the idea has been tossed around enough, that eventually, something gets inked. And when it does, it wont take long for you and me to find out.

Who Has the Edge If They Play?

Its too early to call, and quite frankly, theres no reason to place this wager until we know for sure when and where its being played.

The odds wont change much, if at all, from now until something is officially set in stone, so I recommend sitting back and watching how it all plays out.

If and when an announcement comes, then I will happily weigh in on who has the edge and who Id lay my money on. Ill have to take into account the current form of both Tiger and Phil, as well as their familiarity with the golf course.

For example, Tiger started coming out to Shadow Creek in the mid-1990s as a teenager and has been spotted at the course a plethora of times over the years. While I am sure Phil has played The Creek, I dont have any personal knowledge of him being out there in recent years.

At the end of the day, golf is a funny game, and these players are evenly matched enough that either guy could win on any given day.

With that being the case, I might side with Phil, chiefly because the +105 number is a heck of a lot more attractive than the -125 figure Id have to lay if I bet on Tiger.

Final Takeaway

You heard it here first. I say that these two men will face off at Shadow Creek in Las Vegas. I think it happens sometime during the early portion of the fall, but not up against one of the NFL games.

I expect it to be shown live, during primetime, and I cant wait to see the bidding war that will ensue amongst the networks for the rights to televise the event.

Perhaps playing on a Tuesday or Wednesday from about 4:00-7:30 pm local time makes sense. I suspect it could come shortly after the Ryder Cup (September 27-30) and take place in early October, when the daylight is still extending beyond 7:00 pm in Sin City.

I gave you some reasons why it might just be a farce, and you can get a good price on this match not taking place if thats what you believe.

I just see too much out there and too many positive and profitable reasons to let this golden opportunity slide by.

With that being said, all we can do is patiently wait and see what pans out!

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