You Can Get +800 Odds on the MetLife Black Cat Appearing Again in 2019

You Can Get +800 Odds on the MetLife Black Cat Appearing Again in 2019

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Will the black cat that made an unscheduled on-field appearance this week on Monday Night Football return to the gridiron at MetLife Stadium again this season?
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  • A black cat halted action for over a minute in Monday night’s Cowboys vs Giants matchup at MetLife Stadium
  • A similar-looking cat disrupted play at a Premier League match between Everton & Wolverhampton in August
  • Seven NFL games remain on the schedule at MetLife, including a Week 10 tilt featuring the Giants and Jets

The search continues for the elusive black cat that stormed the field during last week’s Monday Night Football matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants.

But with extensive efforts to locate the cat proving fruitless, the odds of the fan favorite feline making another appearance at MetLife Stadium this season are at a long +800 in the NFL specials at Bovada.

Odds MetLife Cat Appears at Another Giants or Jets Game in 2019

Outcome Odds at Bovada
Yes +800
No -2500

Odds as of Nov. 7.

Black Cat Brings Giants No Luck

The black cat made its impromptu appearance late in the second quarter of Monday’s contest, halting action for over a minute, and eventually escaping the clutches of pursuing New Jersey State Troopers with a speedy dash down the end zone tunnel.

While the cat quickly captured the hearts of Giants fans in attendance, it brought little luck to the home side in Monday night’s contest. Indeed, the Cowboys followed the cat into the end zone in each of its next two possessions, and returned a recovered fumble into the same end zone to close out the scoring in a lopsided 37-18 victory.

Staff at MetLife Stadium went to lengthy measures to track down the cat this week. In addition to setting humane traps, stadium management also brought in cat capture specialists in an effort to track down the fleet-footed feline. But with the cat still at large, the odds of it being captured sit at a lengthy +155.

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The efforts to catch the cat have spawned an array of memes and jokes suggesting that the Giants or the New York Jets, MetLife’s other NFL tenant, may be interested in signing the black-haired beauty in an effort to give a boost to their respective moribund offenses.

Odds MetLife Cat Is Captured In 2019

Odds Odds at Bovada
Yes +155
No -220

Not His First Appearance

Of course, this isn’t the first on-field incursion this year by a black cat during a major sports event. A strangely similar looking black cat disrupted a Premier League clash between Everton FC and the Wolverhampton Wolves at Goodison Park back in August.

Once again, the speedy cat proved too quick for the security personnel in pursuit, escaping into a tunnel after delaying action on the pitch for well over two minutes. So, could this be the start of a trend towards frisky felines making surprise on-field appearances during otherwise unspectacular games?

Following in Harry Bushtail’s Paw Steps

Feral cats are a common sight at major sports stadiums, where they have access to a plentiful diet of discarded stadium food, and earn their keep by controlling rodent populations. Indeed, some estimates this week place the number of cats calling MetLife Stadium home in the hundreds.

Or is this simply the work of one diabolical pussy cat, looking to gain fame and notoriety with unscheduled on-field appearances at as many high-profile events as possible? Not unlike Harry Bushtail, the squirrel that became a social media sensation after making an appearance in the end zone at Lambeau Field during a 2016 clash between the Green Bay Packers and Indianapolis Colts.

Added Excitement to Sunday’s Giants vs Jets Matchup?

With MetLife Stadium serving as the scene for seven more NFL games this season, an encore appearance is far from out of the question. And with the woeful Giants and freefalling Jets facing off there on Sunday afternoon, another on-field appearance by “MetLife Minou” may be the most excitement that long-suffering New York football fans enjoy in Week 10.

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