You Can Bet on What the Next NFL Player Will Be Arrested for During COVID Shutdowns

You Can Bet on What the Next NFL Player Will Be Arrested for During COVID Shutdowns

Ed Oliver with Roger Goodell

Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Ed Oliver was arrested Saturday in Montgomery, Tex. and charged with driving while intoxicated as well as unlawful carrying of a weapon. Photo by: @OneBillsLive (

  • A series of prop wagers is asking bettors to predict a series a circumstances involving NFL players being arrested
  • What crime will law enforcement end up charging an NFL player with next? How many NFLers will be arrested over the summer? Which position will the next arrested NFLer play?
  • Analysis, odds and predictions on the outcomes follow in the story below

The NFL is currently in a state of arrested development.

With no football being played, some NFL players are finding that outrunning law enforcement is a lot tougher than cracking a Cover 3 defense.

In the past week, four NFLers – cornerbacks Deandre Baker of the New York Giants and Quinton Dunbar of the Seattle Seahawks, Washington Redskins wide receiver Cody Latimer and Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Ed Oliver – were all arrested.

This rash of run-ins with the law has ended up resulting in a series of prop bet offerings on the arrests of NFL players. One prop asks bettors to correctly assess what offense a player will next be charged with committing?

As well, there’s a total wager on how many players will be arrested between May 27th-September 20th of 2020. Finally, a third prop queries as to whether the next player to be nicked by the police will play on the offensive or defensive side of the ball?

Category of Next NFL Player Arrested After May 27th, 2020

Category Odds
Drugs +165
DUI +275
Gun +325
Disorderly Conduct +650
License +750

Odds taken May 20th.

If you’re a fan of following trends, take note – the last four arrests of NFL players have all involved gun offenses. In fact, five of the last seven arrests were at least partially gun related.

NFL players seem to like guns a lot, and they tend to take them everywhere. Remember when Plaxico Burress accidentally shot himself in the foot at a nightclub when the gun he was carrying in his belt got dislodged?

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is generally a popular way for athletes to get popped by the cops. Evidently, they’ve never heard of Uber, or are just too proud to admit that the booze got the better of them and they’d be wise to call a cab. However, with the COVID-19 restrictions in place, partying and clubbing isn’t readily accessible to NFLers.

Drug offenses show up four times among 2020 arrests of NFL players. Most recent were the marijuana possession charges laid against Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Bashaud Breeland.

Pick: Gun (+325)

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How Many NFL Players Will Be Arrested Between May 27-Sept. 20, 2020?

Total Odds
Over 7.5 -120
Under 7.5 -120

With four arrests in a week, on the surface it appears that NFL players have an up close and personal relationship with jail cells. However, statistics show this simply isn’t the case.

The University of Texas conducted a study in 2015, covering the years 2000-13. It ended up proving that NFLers are less likely to be thrown in the clink than regular folks. On average, there were 3,740 arrests per 100,000 among NFL players. Among the regular citizenry, the average was 4,889 arrests per 100,000 people.

Through the first 140 days of 2020, 11 NFLers were placed under arrest. That works out to .078 per day. There are 117 days between May 27-Sept. 20.

Based on the current rate, that means 9.126 NFL players should be arrested.

Pick: Over 7.5 (-120)

Position of Next NFL Player Arrested After May 27, 2020

Position Odds
Offensive Player or Kicker -120
Defensive Player or Punter -120

When it comes to NFL players allegedly breaking the law, there’s defensive unrest. Four of the last five players and six of the past eight were defenders. Interestingly, three of them were cornerbacks.

For the entire 2020 calendar year, defense holds a 6-5 edge over offense.

Pick: Defensive Player or Punter (-120)

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