Super Bowl 54 Game Props

Adam Hoover
January 29, 2020
Super Bowl 54 Game Props

Updated: December 8, 2022


Hard Rock Stadium

Super Bowl 54 takes place this Sunday at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. Photo by A.J. Lipp (Wikimedia Commons)

  • Super Bowl 54 takes place this Sunday between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs
  • Will this be a high-scoring affair? Or will this turn into a defensive struggle?
  • Check below for the best game props for Super Bowl 54

We’re counting down to the big game in Miami, as the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs are on the scene, putting in their final preparations for Super Bowl 54.

This also happens to be the betting Super Bowl — and we’re here to add an extra wagering element to wins or losses. If you’re not familiar with prop betting, it’s the game within the game. Whether we’re talking about field goals made, total touchdowns scored, or if there will be a safety scored by either team, there’s a bevy to run through.

So let’s start right at the top, and work our way to the person hoisting the Super Bowl MVP trophy when it’s all said and done.

First Play Super Bowl 54

TypeOdds at BetOnline

This wager really comes down to who you believe will win the coin toss, as they will likely choose to kick off, to get the ball to start the second half. If you think it’s the 49ers that receive the ball, you have to think they’re handing off. If you think it’s KC, you have to believe they’re leaving this in the hands of Patrick Mahomes.

The pick: Pass (+120)

First Sack Super Bowl 54

TeamOdds at BetOnline
San Francisco 49ers-135
Kansas City Chiefs+115

It’s clear that the Niners are the superior defensive squad by both the eye test, and their defensive DVOA ranking this year (2nd).

Throw in the fact that the Chiefs are at their best with Mahomes dropping back and throwing darts all over the field, and the recipe is here for an easy win.

The pick: 49ers (-135)

First Scoring Play Super Bowl 54

ResultOdds at BetOnline
Chiefs TD Pass+250
49ers TD Pass+300
Chiefs FG+300
49ers FG+375
49ers TD Run+500
Chiefs TD Run+700
Chiefs Any Other TD+2800
49ers Any Other TD+3300
49ers Safety+4000
Chiefs Safety+4000

Super Bowls do tend to start off a little more like a prize fight, with some light jabs getting tossed as the heavyweights size each other up. I don’t see that happening here.

The Niners, in the playoffs in particular, have started off hot, scoring the first TD in both games, and they’ve tallied the first score three times in a row. I think the trend continues.

The pick: 49ers TD Run (+500) 

First Coaches Challenge Super Bowl 54

ResultOdds at Bovada
Play Stands-105
Play Overturned-135

Welcome to the first of a ton of toss-ups, which could arrive as pleasant a surprise as picking up the last nacho on your plate and finding a chicken wing underneath it. Bonus! I tend to believe that a coach is not going to throw a challenge unless it’s clear there’s been a missed call, especially with Reid and Shanahan running things. And still, i still have little faith that matters with this officiating.

The pick: play stands (-105) 

First 1st Down Super Bowl 54

What team will get the first 1st down in the Super Bowl?Odds at BetOnline
Kansas City Chiefs-115
San Francisco 49ers-105

Hope your coin toss skills are strong. Pick that right, and there’s a good chance either team could move the sticks at least once. The Chiefs are leading the playoffs pumping out 6.9 yards per play. The Niners are seventh at a very healthy 5.6 yards per play too.

The pick: Chiefs (-115)

First Holding Penalty Super Bowl 54

TotalOdds at Bovada
San Francisco 49ers-105
Kansas City Chiefs-135

The Chiefs’ defense ranks second in the playoffs, racking up 15 defensive penalties. I can see them a little off guard at the intricate passing schemes Kyle Shanahan will likely have to get his skill guys into space — if and when they intend to throw the ball. For that reason, I see holding on the defense in the secondary as the first yellow of the night. Oh, and the Chiefs hold. A lot.

The pick: Chiefs (-135)

First Pass Interference Penalty Super Bowl 54

TotalOdds at Bovada
San Francisco 49ers-135
Kansas City Chiefs-105

On the flip side, trust that Andy Reid has a slick passing scheme and a sturdy blocking plan that will allow Mahomes to take some shots down the field. Even the great Richard Sherman was burned deep these playoffs. There will be shots, and the Niners will find themselves on the wrong end of PI.

The pick: 49ers (-135)

Field Goals Scored Each Quarter

Field GoalsOdds at BetOnline
Field Goal In 1st Quarter – Yes-115
Field Goal In 1st Quarter – No-105
Field Goal In 2nd Quarter – Yes-300
Field Goal In 2nd Quarter – No+250
Field Goal In 3rd Quarter – Yes-115
Field Goal In 3rd Quarter – No-105
Field Goal In 4th Quarter – Yes-170
Field Goal In 4th Quarter – No+150

If you subscribe to the thinking that teams will settle for field goals early to get points up on the board, then take the safe route. The longest shot here is no field goals in the second quarter. This also happens to be the Chiefs’ go berserk scoring quarter, as they showed to both the Texans and Titans. Take a stab at the best juice.

The pick: No FG 2nd quarter (+250)

Fair Catch Call Super Bowl 54

Which team will call for a fair catch first in the Super Bowl?Odds at Bovada
San Francisco 49ers-120
Kansas City Chiefs-120

We know the Chiefs have started out sluggish in the playoffs, which seemed like jitters against Houston, and figuring out the scheme against Tennessee. San Francisco presents some of the second problem, with their speedy defense surely to bring out some of the first. Either way, KC punts first, and the fair catch is coming to San Fran.

The pick: 49ers (-120)

First Timeout Called Super Bowl 54

What team will call the first timeout in the Super Bowl?Odds at BetOnline
San Francisco 49ers-110
Kansas City Chiefs-110

The joy of watching offensive masterminds in Reid and Shanahan put in work is that they don’t usually waste timeouts not being able to get plays in, and save them for more important things, like end of half drives and the like. I see this happening more out of a defense not liking what they have out there vs the personnel they’re lining up against. Not a bad little toss up here.

The pick: Chiefs (-110)

Straight Scores By Either Team

ResultOdds at BetOnline
4 Straight By Either Team – Yes+240
4 Straight By Either Team – No-280
5 Straight By Either Team – Yes+700
5 Straight By Either Team – No-1000

So far, neither opponents of the Niners or Chiefs were able to stop the flood. San Francisco had five unanswered scoring drives before the Packers were able to make hay in the NFC Championship, while the Chiefs went four straight scores against the Titans, still fresh off that memorable seven-TD run against the Texans.

No matter how good the Niners’ defense is, Mahomes is magic.

The pick: 4 straight by either team – yes (+240)

49ers vs Chiefs Total Touchdowns

Number of TDsOdds at BetOnline

The Chiefs lead the NFL in passing touchdowns these playoffs with eight, while the Niners only have one such score. San Francisco leads in rushing TD’s with six, with the Chiefs in second with four of their own. That’s 19 in total if you’re scoring at home. San Francisco has shut down the Packers’ and Vikings’ offenses, but they’re going toe-to-toe with the best player in football right now.

Prior to the Super Bowl 53 scoring dud between the Patriots and Rams, there were nine TD’s scored in Super Bowl 52 and eight in Super Bowl 53. I like that range.

The pick: 9 (+900)

Shortest TD Scored Super Bowl 54

TotalOdds at BetOnline
Under 1.5 yards-145
Over 1.5 yards+125

It is inevitable that there are going to be goal line plays in the Super Bowl, and it’s just a matter of the spot, really. Last year, Sony Michel punched it in from two yards out against the Rams.

The year prior, James White plunged in from a yard out, and the year before, Nick Foles took a 1-yard pass to paydirt in the famous Philly Special.

The pick under 1.5 yards (-145)

Player Ejection Super Bowl 54

Will any player be ejected for throwing a punch for fighting?Odds at Bovada

Then-Seattle Seahawk Bruce Irvin was the first player to ever be ejected in Super Bowl history, in what amounted to a sour grapes scrum after Seattle was stopped at the goal line against the Patriots in the famous Malcolm Butler game. There’s no one with that much crazy to pull it off here. Not much value, but a win is a win.

The pick: no (-2000)

No Punts Super Bowl 54

Will either team not punt during the Super Bowl?Odds at Bovada

Crossing my fingers that we’re not subjected to a punt fest that the Rams and Patriots engaged in a year ago. Dustin Colquitt and Mitch Wishnowsky have attempted six punts each this postseason. Their respective offenses have been great, but they’ve still needed work. Again, not the best value, but this is a W.

The pick: no (-1400)

Super Bowl 54 Tied After 0-0?

Will the game be tied again after 0-0?Odds at Bovada

The only way this couldn’t be a yes is if San Francisco’s defense is able to mash Patrick Mahomes and company the way, say, the Seahawks were able to ruin Peyton Manning and the Broncos in Super Bowl 48. I think as great as the Niners’ defensive line is all-world, they’re up against a QB at the peak of his powers. This one will be back and forth.

The pick yes (-200)

Total Penalties Super Bowl 54

TotalOdds at BetOnline
Under 12.5-150
Over 12.5+130

During the regular season, the Niners were the 10th-least penalized team, averaging 6.2 a game, while the Chiefs were closer to the middle of the pack, 15th, getting flagged 6.8 times a contest. They’ve already been flagged 28 times this postseason — not including special teams.

The pick: over 12.5 (+130)

Total 49ers Players to Have Rush Attempt

TotalOdds at BetOnline
Over 5.5-200
Under 5.5+170

Tevin Coleman is nursing a separated shoulder, but Shanahan was optimistic he would play. If he does, tack on carries for Matt Breida, Raheem Mostert (of course) a jet sweep for Deebo Samuel, and a Jimmy G rush, and that’s five.

Those were the only five that got a tote in the NFC title game. Do they have any sleek setups to get George Kittle, Kendrick Bourne or Emmanuel Sanders the ball? Careful, that quick shovel to the crossing receiver in shotgun formation is a pass.

The pick: under 5.5 (+170)

Total Chiefs Players to Record Reception

TotalOdds at BetOnline
Under 7.5-165
Over 7.5+145

You know the usual suspects: Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins, Damien Williams and Mecole Hardman, but there’s some players that could emerge in that ever-potent Chiefs offense. Against the Texans, Blake Bell, DeMarcus Robinson and Deon Yelder all got a grab.

Only six Chiefs caught a ball in the AFC title game, with Anthony Sherman and Darwin Thompson each getting a target. If the Chiefs are rolling, the star players get fed, but there’s always room for pass catchers. I like the value.

The pick: over (+145)

Safety Scored By Either Team

ResultOdds at Bovada
Chiefs Safety – Yes+800
Chiefs Safety – No-2500
49ers Safety – Yes+750
49ers Safety – No-2000
Either Team Safety 1st Half – Yes+800
Either Team Safety 1st Half – No-2500

Since a three-straight safety scoring run happening from Super Bowl 46 through to the opening snap from scrimmage from Peyton Manning in Super Bowl 48, the two-pointer has gone radio silent in the big game.

No team has recorded a safety thus far in these playoffs, and even if the Niners or Chiefs were pinned at their own goal line, Frisco’s power running and Mahomes’ passing and elusiveness are strong weapons.

The pick: Chiefs Safety No (-2500) & 49ers Safety No (-2000)

Onside Kick Attempt Super Bowl 54

Will a team attempt an onside kick in the Super Bowl?Odds at Bovada

The most famous onside kick was a surprise move by the Saints against the Peyton Manning-led Colts in Super Bowl 44.

If it happens here, it’s strictly necessity. Again, with the two most explosive offenses in the playoffs, it could create some scoring to be made up, and time could be an enemy.

The pick: yes (-140)

Combined Yardage Of All TDs

YardageOdds at BetOnline
Over 102.5-110
Under 102.5-110

Again, explosiveness. The Chiefs, last time out, totaled over 120 yards for their touchdowns, without even including what the Titans put up.

The Niners put up 85 yards worth of scores in the NFC title game. If the total touchdowns are as high as I believe them to be, there will be enough big plays to cruise past that over.

The pick: over (-110)

Longest TD Super Bowl 54

TeamOdds at BetOnline
Kansas City Chiefs-125
San Francisco 49ers+105

Great battle here: will Mahomes launch the bomb, or will Raheem Mostert run it to the win?

San Francisco does a nice job of limiting big plays, but they still are susceptible to getting burned over the top, as Stefon Diggs proved in the divisional round. There are several Diggs-like weapons KC can throw out there.

The pick: Chiefs (-125)

Punt / Kickoff Score Super Bowl 54

TypeOdds at BetOnline
Punt Return TD – Yes+1200
Punt Return TD – No-2000
Kickoff Return TD – Yes+1600
Kickoff Return TD – No-3300

Little in terms of explosiveness thus far from the special teams in the postseason. No punt returner has gone for better than 26 yards, and Mecole Hardman has returned 10 kickoffs for an average of less than 23 yards. Both teams don’t have a special teams return for score this year.

The pick: No Punt TD (-2000) & No Kickoff TD (-3300)

Longest Penalty Distance Super Bowl 54

TotalOdds at Bovada
Over 15.5 yards-260
Under 15.5 yards+175

You’re basically saying a personal foul or less, vs a deep shot that could move the ball down the field via the PI. Did we mention how explosive Kansas City is? They led the NFL in pass completions over 40 yards with 18, and were a healthy seventh in completions of 20+ yards, with 59. They’re going to take shots, and I’d wager we’ll see a flag.

The pick: over (-260)

Non-QB Touchdown Pass Super Bowl 54

Will a Non-QB throw a touchdown in the Super Bowl?Odds at Bovada

Nick Foles was the memorable recipient of the Philly Special in Super Bowl 51, and earlier these playoffs we watched both Derrick Henry and Jon Brown play pivot for scores. Not that these teams don’t have the ability to work in some gadget plays – it’s just that, the Niners and Chiefs run such crisp offenses, they usually find openings without them.

Of course, we did see Sanders hit Mostert with a beauty against a tough Saints D in a shootout.

The pick: no (-580)

Flea Flicker Attempt Super Bowl 54

Will there be a flea flicker attempt in the Super Bowl?Odds at Bovada

This is what I’m talking about. Mahomes, and to a lesser extent, Garoppolo, are the dudes you want flinging the ball down the field, as there are a bevy of burners and open field monsters that can put in work in open space. I think this is where you’ll see a little trickery.

The pick: yes (+200)

Kicks to Hit Crossbar/Upright Super Bowl 54

Will a kicker hit the upright or crossbar on missed FG/EP?Odds at Bovada

We’ve seen a playoff double-doink, and since then, we’re rattled, or at least thinking that shaky kicking is now part of the regular equation. Harrison Butker was the leading scorer among kickers, going a steady 34-for-38 on field goals and 45-of-48 for extra points. Robbie Gould was 23-for-31 for the Niners, and missed just once in 42 extra point tries.

I like little crazy things like this happening, so let’s roll the dice.

The pick: yes (+350)

Both Teams Lead in 4th Quarter/OT

Will both teams have a lead in the 4th Q/OT  in the Super Bowl?Odds at BetOnline

In this expected back and forth, I think these teams go toe-to-toe in what could very well be one of the best Super Bowl’s we will see. The value in seeing a nail-biter vs a lopsided finish is too good.

The pick: yes (+240)

49ers vs Chiefs Total Points

Total PointsOdds at BetOnline

You’re going to need to get to 30 points to give yourself a chance to win against the Chiefs. KC leads the playoff scoring binge with better than 43 points a contest, while the Niners are in second, putting up a solid 32 points per game. While I don’t think they’ll hit 75 like the 49ers and Chargers did in 1994, they will be pushing 70.

The pick: 64-70 (+600)

Super Bowl MVP

PlayerOdds at BetOnlineOdds at Bovada
Patrick Mahomes+125+105
Jimmy Garappolo+300+260
Raheem Mostert+550+700
George Kittle+1000+1400
Travis Kelce+1800+1400
Tyreek Hill+1800+1500
Damien Williams+1600+2000

*Not all options included

Julian Edelman became just the second receiver in the last 11 years to hoist the MVP trophy, joining Santonio Holmes. Traditionally, though, and just the way the world works, this is likely headed to a QB. I believe this is Patrick Mahomes’ world, and he’ll ascend to his throne as the latest dominator of NFL worlds, delivering a Chiefs’ chip, and an MVP to go with it.

The pick: Mahomes (+125)

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