Ravens and Seahawks Given Short Odds to Sign Colin Kaepernick After Goodell Encourages His Return

Ravens and Seahawks Given Short Odds to Sign Colin Kaepernick After Goodell Encourages His Return

Colin Kaepernick

Now that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is encouraging teams to sign Colin Kaepernick, the Seattle Seahawks and Baltimore Ravens are favored to do so. Photo from @ComplexSports (Twitter).

  • NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell encouraged teams to sign long-shunned QB Colin Kaepernick
  • The Baltimore Ravens and Seattle Seahawks are favored to be Kaep’s 2020 team
  • Are they the best bets, or should you put your money elsewhere?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is encouraging teams to give quarterback Colin Kaepernick a chance. The Baltimore Ravens and Seattle Seahawks have the shortest odds to deliver that opportunity.

The Ravens are listed as the +200 favorites to be Kaepernick’s next NFL team. Baltimore is closely followed by the Seahawks at a betting line of +250.

The odds that Kaepernick will start the 2020 season on an NFL roster continue to grow shorter since Goodell’s call to action. The odds lands a spot with a team are at +275 odds.

Odds on Next NFL Team for Colin Kaepernick

Team Odds
Baltimore Ravens +200
Seattle Seahawks +250
Houston Texans +400
Kansas City Chiefs +500
Jacksonville Jaguars +750
Los Angeles Chargers +800
Minnesota Vikings +800
Tennessee Titans +1000
Philadelphia Eagles +1250

Odds taken June 16th.

At the beginning of June, the odds of Kaepernick being with an NFL team to launch the 2020 season  were at +500.

Ravens a Logical Fit

The COVID-19 outbreak means that teams aren’t able to gather for OTAs and mini camps. That’s making it hard for newcomers to master systems.

Now, imagine for a minute that you haven’t played in three years. That’s Kaepernick’s conundrum.

It’s also why the Ravens are a logical landing spot. Baltimore offensive coordinator Greg Roman was Kaepernick’s OC in San Francisco. The Ravens scheme relies on a mobile QB.

Kaepernick isn’t reigning NFL MVP Lamar Jackson, but he can run the football. He gained a career-high 639 yards with the 49ers in 2014. His career yards-per-carry average is 6.1.

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Seahawks Have Been There, Done That

The Seahawks worked out Kaepernick in 2017 after he was let go by the Niners. It made sense. Kaepernick was familiar with the NFC West. His style of play was similar to Seattle’s Russell Wilson.

At the time, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll opted not to sign Kaepernick. He felt Kaepernick was a starting QB and would eventually land a job with another team.

This time around, Carroll doesn’t see a fit for Kaepernick in Seattle. He insists he likes their current QB depth chart behind Wilson: Geno Smith and undrafted free agent Anthony Gordon.

Potential Value Bets

Are the Jacksonville Jaguars truly ready to go all-in on sophomore Gardner Minshew? Currently, ex-Chicago Bears starter Mike Glennon is their second-stringer. Jacksonville might offer Kaepernick his best chance of eventually starting.

The Tennessee Titans came within a win of going to the Super Bowl last season with reclamation project Ryan Tannehill under center. Could they see a similar project involving Kaepernick?

Don’t count out the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs, either. Kaepernick would be an intriguing Plan B behind Patrick Mahomes.

A Catch-22 Situation

Inking Kaepernick to an NFL contract could develop into a real political timebomb for a team. Signing and cutting him could prove a PR nightmare. Signing and keeping him could lead to naysayers insisting it’s nothing but a marketing ploy to help the league save face.

Muhammad Ali returned to win the heavyweight boxing crown after abdicating to protest the Vietnam War. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar enjoyed a Hall of Fame NBA career after boycotting the 1968 Olympics over racial injustice.

Kaepernick isn’t in their elite class as an athlete. It’s entirely possible he won’t get another NFL shot.

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