Odds on Which Players Will Be Fined for Breaking NFL’s New Coronavirus Rules

Odds on Which Players Will Be Fined for Breaking NFL's New Coronavirus Rules

Ezekiel Elliott running with football

Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott is the +155 favorite to be fined for breaking the NFL coronavirus rules. Photo by Keith Allison (flickr).

  • Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott is the +155 favorite to be fined for breaking the NFL’s coronavirus rules
  • Players can be fined for not complying with testing, not wearing a mask, and participating in high risk behavior away from the playing field
  • See the best bets to violate the league’s safeguards

The NFL is taking the coronavirus seriously and is ready to punish any covidiots among their ranks.

A series of COVID-19 restrictions and regulations were outlined in a memo the league sent to all players. Also indicated was the level of punishment players could expect should they violate the code of conduct, which is designed to reduce the risk of the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Protocols for testing, mask wearing and dos and don’ts when away from any team facility are all laid out in straightforward terms for everyone to read and comprehend.

Boys being boys – even when they’re asked to act like responsible adults – you know someone isn’t going to follow the rules.

Oddsmakers also see it that way. Already, there are betting lines assessing the odds on whether certain NFL players will be caught in violation of the coronavirus stipulations.

Odds to be Fined for Violating NFL Coronavirus Rules

Player Team Yes Odds No Odds
Ezekiel Elliott Dallas Cowboys +155 -220
Dak Prescott Dallas Cowboys +165 -240
Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Chiefs +165 -240
DeSean Jackson Philadelphia Eagles +180 -270
Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers +300 -500

All odds taken Aug. 7th. 

Among this select group of players, sportsbooks are listing Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott as the +155 favorite to go astray of the rules and be fined.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is given the longest odds in the group. He’s at +300 to be fined and -500 not to be fined.

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Them’s the Rules

The memo from the NFL to its players outlined that a player can be fined up to $50,000 for refusing to participate in daily testing and antibody tests for COVID-19. The league will assign all players a Kinexon Proximity Recording device upon arriving at training camp. Similar to an earbud, this equipment detects when they are too close to another person. It’s also recording every person they come in contact with, in case the need for contact tracing arises.

Refusal to wear this device will result in progressive fines for each violation, beginning at $14,650. Not wearing a mask while at a team facility other than when playing or practicing will also result in progressive fines starting at $14,650.

Participation in what the league termed high-risk behavior is also among the prohibitions. This list includes going to an indoor bar or nightclub with more than ten people while not wearing PPE and attending any indoor show or event or house gatherings in excess of 15 people without PPE.

Cowboys Ugly

It’s not surprising that Elliott and Dallas QB Dak Prescott are high on the list of contenders to have their wallets lightened by a coronavirus fine.

In April, both were at a house party with an attendance of more than 30 people. Earlier, there were photographs showing Prescott not following social-distancing guidelines.

News came in June of Elliott testing positive for COVID-19.

OBJ a  Voice of Reason

Odell Beckham Jr is making sense. That’s certainly an indication that the world is tilting off its axis.

Although he’s opting to attend training camp with the Cleveland Browns, Beckham thinks the NFL is foolish to be staging a season during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Browns wideout believes that it’s ludicrous to play an 11-on-11 contact sport and pack 80-some team personnel into a locker room on game day in the midst of a fast-spreading infectious disease.

Brady a Coronavirus Sleeper Cell?

Brady at the longest odds on the board might just be a wise value play. People are continually spotting him out in public sans mask.

Arriving for his first day of Buccaneers training camp, Brady did so without a mask covering his mouth and nose. He’s also 43, making him a senior citizen in NFL terms.

It’s well established that seniors are an at-risk group for coronavirus.

Pick: Tom Brady (+300)

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