Odds Now Favoring Kareem Hunt Being Back in NFL in 2019

Updated: May 24, 2022

  • Kareem Hunt was cut by the Kansas City Chiefs on November 30, 2018
  • The Chiefs made the move after a video surfaced of Hunt hitting and kicking a woman
  • Teams have been expressing an interest in Hunt; is there a chance he returns to the NFL in 2019?

The Kansas City Chiefs wasted no time in cutting Kareem Hunt after video of his assault surfaced in late November 2018.

They were right to do it, and hopefully it results in Hunt growing as a person.  Reportedly, since leaving the NFL, Hunt has taken part in anger management courses to try to better himself.

Hunt been undergoing anger-management counseling daily, according to a source. Hunt appears to be making progress with the counseling, which has helped him draw the interest of some teams, sources said. – Adam Schefter, ESPN

The question raised by many after the video was first released was whether or not this would spell the end of Hunt’s career. The latest NFL prop bet at Bovada is clear: Hunt is expected to be back in the league next year.

Odds on Kareem Hunt returning to the NFL in 2019

Will Kareem Hunt play a down in the 2019 NFL regular season?Odds at

Back when he was first cut, it looked like that was it for Hunt in the NFL. The similarities to Ray Rice, who assaulted his then-fiancee Janay Palmer in 2014, were obvious.  But, as cynics will point out, Rice was a six-year veteran at that point, whose yards-per-carry had dropped from 4.7 to 3.1 in three years.

Hunt is 23 years old and was in the midst of his second NFL season.

Just two months later, teams are already showing interesting.

No shortage of options for Kareem Hunt

A cursory Google search shows that teams are weighing the value in signing Hunt.

The cost in bringing the running back aboard isn’t in dollars. It’s in negative PR. Mark Podolski thinks the Browns could survive that.

There’s an argument that he could fit in with the Eagles, even though that doesn't really make sense.

Matt Nagy, the Bears' head coach, is on record as having an open line of communication with Hunt. He was also Hunt's offensive coordinator in 2017.

Writing is on the wall with Kareem Hunt

Really, all you need to know is what Adam Schefter said:

What Hunt did was despicable. He should get the same treatment as Rice, but that won't happen.

Hunt is both younger and more talented than Rice was when he was exiled by the Ravens and the NFL.

And if this is what Schefter, the best insider in the business, is hearing, you can likely take it to the bank.

Love it or hate it, Kareem Hunt will likely be taken off the Commissioner's Exempt List in time for free agency. He'll start the year suspended, but he'll be back in the NFL and playing, in 2019.

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