Odds Favor Josh Allen in Potential Deep Ball Challenge With Patrick Mahomes

Odds Favor Josh Allen in Potential Deep Ball Challenge With Patrick Mahomes

Updated: May 23, 2022


Josh Allen is known for his big arm
Bills' QB Josh Allen is favored over the Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes to throw the longest ball. By Erik Drost (Wiki Commons) [CC License]
  • Josh Allen has issued a challenge to Patrick Mahomes of who can throw a football further
  • MyBookie has set Allen as the favorite at -140 odds
  • Which QB stands a better chance of throwing the longest ball?

On Friday, February 1st, Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen was asked on Barstool Sports Radio who could throw a ball farther, he or Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

MyBookie has released odds on who would win this Allen versus Mahomes competition.

Odds Who Can Throw the Ball The Furthest

PlayerOdds at
Patrick Mahomes+110
Josh Allen-140

*Find this bet under NFL -> NFL Specials

Allen’s reply is what got this conversation rolling by saying, “We can find out.” When Mahomes replied on Twitter asking where the event would be held, bookies took notice.

NFL quarterbacks don’t often simply drop back and heave the ball as far as they can during an NFL game, so grabbing season stats is not entirely comparable but it’s a place to start.

Super Bowl 54 Odds Tracker

When looking at longest completions and deep balls you have to remember there is a still a receiver catching the pass and accounting for many of these yards after the catch.

Nonetheless, it’s something to consider when handicapping this potential Allen versus Mahomes bet.

During the 2018 regular season the edge in longest pass goes to Mahomes who threw an 89-yard bomb against Oakland in December.

Allen’s longest pass on the year was to Robert Foster against Jacksonville in November for 75 yards.

Next let’s look at deep balls where it’s not even close. Allen completed 30 passes for 20 or more yards and just five for 40+.

By comparison, Mahomes led the league in 20+ yard completions at 75 and threw 15 passes for 40 or more. That was just one less than Aaron Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger.

Allen Scouted For Big Arm

While he often receives criticism for his accuracy, Allen’s draft overview specifically states one of his strengths as having, “rare arm strength and overall arm talent.” Footage from prior to the NFL has Allen launching a football 77 yards.

Mahomes is also known for his arm and the former pitcher was cited for his arm strength and explosive plays back in his combine.

Each QB has thrown the ball well over 70 yards at some point in time. Mahomes says he’s thrown for 85 yards before. However, he had the help of a little wind. On his Pro Day he threw for nearly 80 yards but claims he could’ve done better.

According to Mahomes he’s never seen anyone throw a ball further than him so he’s giving himself the edge.

“I’ve never seen anyone throw harder than me with the football,” he said. “Until I see it in person, I believe I have the stronger arm.”

Given we have two young QBs, of comparable size, with big arms both capable of 80-yard throws, should this competition actually happen I’ll take the better price on the dog with Mahomes.

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